Mediapolis Volleyball

Class: 2A
Conference: SEISC
Overall Record: 29-0
Winning Streak: W29
Overall Win %: 100.00%
Conference Record: 13-0
Conference Win %: 100.00%
District Record: 7-0
District Win %: 100.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
09/10/19 7:30PMHighland, RiversideBox ScoreW 3-0Highland High School
09/12/19 5:30PMIowa Mennonite, KalonaBox ScoreW 3-0Mediapolis High School
09/14/19 1:30PMEaston ValleyBox ScoreW 2-0Camanche High School
09/14/19 2:30PMBellevueBox ScoreW 2-0Camanche High School
09/14/19 9:00AMCamancheBox ScoreW 2-0Camanche High School
09/14/19 9:00AMNortheast, Goose LakeBox ScoreW 2-0Camanche High School
09/14/19 9:00AMDavenport, NorthBox ScoreW 2-0Camanche High School
09/17/19 7:30PMLone TreeBox ScoreW 3-0Lone Tree Junior-Senior High School
09/19/19 5:30PMColumbus, Columbus JuncBox ScoreW 3-0Columbus Catholic High School
09/19/19 6:30PMLouisa-MuscatineBox ScoreW 3-0Columbus Catholic High School
09/21/19 MonticelloBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/21/19 Midland, WyomingBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/21/19 West BranchBox ScoreW 2-1Unknown
09/21/19 AnamosaBox ScoreW 2-1Lisbon High School
09/21/19 10:00AMWest BurlingtonBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/21/19 11:00AMAnamosaBox ScoreW 2-0Lisbon High School
09/26/19 WapelloGame PreviewMediapolis High School
09/26/19 5:00PMWest BurlingtonBox ScoreW 2-0Mediapolis High School
09/26/19 5:00PMDanvilleBox ScoreW 2-0Mediapolis High School
09/26/19 5:00PMHighland, RiversideBox ScoreW 2-0Mediapolis High School
09/26/19 5:00PMWACOBox ScoreW 2-0Mediapolis High School
09/28/19 Central Lee, DonnellsonBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/28/19 Van Buren, KeosauquaBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
10/03/19 7:30PMFort MadisonBox ScoreW 3-0Fort Madison High School
10/05/19 MuscatineBox ScoreW 2-1Unknown
10/05/19 Clear Creek-AmanaBox ScoreW 2-1Unknown
10/05/19 BentonBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
10/05/19 9:00AMCedar Rapids, WashtonBox ScoreW 2-0Prairie High School, Cedar Rapids
10/05/19 9:00AMPrairie, Cedar RapidsBox ScoreW 2-1Prairie High School, Cedar Rapids
10/08/19 7:30PMPekinBox ScoreW 3-0Pekin Community High School
10/08/19 7:30PMPekinGame PreviewUnknown
10/10/19 7:30PMWapelloGame PreviewMediapolis High School
10/12/19 PellaGame PreviewPella High School
10/12/19 Iowa City, LibertyGame PreviewPella High School
10/12/19 ADM, AdelGame PreviewPella High School
10/12/19 Bondurant-FarrarGame PreviewPella High School
10/12/19 KnoxvilleGame PreviewPella High School
10/15/19 7:30PMWinfield-Mt UnionGame PreviewWinfield-Mt Union Jr-Sr High School
10/17/19 5:00PMFort MadisonGame PreviewMediapolis High School
10/17/19 5:00PMEddyville-BlakesburgGame PreviewMediapolis High School
10/17/19 5:00PMHoly Trinity CatholicGame PreviewMediapolis High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Game Team Stats

10/05/19@ Clear Creek-Amana30243302
10/05/19vs Prairie, Cedar Rapids25253545
10/05/19@ Benton17151905
10/05/19vs Cedar Rapids, Washton19161925
10/05/19@ Muscatine23194757
10/03/19vs Fort Madison343246109
09/28/19vs Burlington Notre Dame20192966
09/28/19@ Central Lee, Donnellson23172418
09/28/19@ Van Buren, Keosauqua27262314
09/26/19vs West Burlington17162557
09/26/19vs WACO19172744
09/26/19@ Highland, Riverside20151625
09/26/19@ Danville19171425
09/21/19@ Monticello15122652
09/21/19@ West Branch36322682
09/21/19vs Anamosa21161204
09/21/19@ West Burlington21171735
09/21/19@ Midland, Wyoming23211116
09/21/19vs Anamosa32283313
09/19/19@ Columbus, Columbus Junc322715719
09/19/19vs Louisa-Muscatine332520415
09/17/19@ Lone Tree262225016
09/14/19@ Northeast, Goose Lake15133548
09/14/19@ Bellevue21162124
09/14/19vs Davenport, North19162505
09/14/19vs Easton Valley27274023
09/14/19vs Camanche21202733
09/12/19@ Iowa Mennonite, Kalona262311123
09/10/19@ Highland, Riverside342833317

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