Central City Volleyball

Class: 1A
Conference: Tri-Rivers
Overall Record: 5-7
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 41.67%
Conference Record: 2-2
Conference Win %: 50.00%
District Record: 5-2
District Win %: 71.43%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
08/31/19 North LinnBox ScoreL 2-0North Linn Senior High School
08/31/19 AnamosaBox ScoreL 2-1Cascade Junior-Senior High School
08/31/19 Beckman CatholicBox ScoreL 2-0Cascade Junior-Senior High School
08/31/19 JesupBox ScoreL 2-0Cascade Junior-Senior High School
08/31/19 Central ElkaderBox ScoreW 2-0Cascade Junior-Senior High School
08/31/19 Cascade, Western DubGame PreviewUnknown
09/05/19 6:00PMWaterloo Christian SchoolBox ScoreW 3-0Waterloo Christian School
09/07/19 MonticelloBox ScoreL 2-0Midland Middle/High School
09/07/19 Calamus-WheatlandGame PreviewUnknown
09/07/19 Central ElkaderBox ScoreL 2-0Calamus-Wheatland Secondary School
09/07/19 Lone TreeBox ScoreW 2-0Calamus-Wheatland Secondary School
09/07/19 Midland, WyomingBox ScoreW 2-0Calamus-Wheatland Secondary School
09/07/19 SpringvilleBox ScoreL 2-0Midland Middle/High School
09/12/19 5:15PMPrince Of Peace PrepBox ScoreW 3-0Unknown
09/19/19 Marquette Cath, BellevuGame PreviewMarquette High School, Bellevue
09/21/19 SpringvilleGame PreviewUnknown
09/24/19 5:15PMSpringvilleGame PreviewSpringville Secondary School
09/26/19 AlburnettGame PreviewCentral City High School
10/01/19 5:15PMStarmontGame PreviewCentral City High School
10/03/19 East BuchananGame PreviewEast Buchanan High School
10/08/19 Edgewood-ColesburgGame PreviewCentral City High School
10/10/19 Maquoketa ValleyGame PreviewUnknown
10/15/19 North LinnGame PreviewCentral City High School
10/17/19 TBDGame PreviewUnknown
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Brylea Brooks185-04
Emma Fritcher135-08
Lacey Hennick225-06
Hannah Kramer175-03
Lillie Kramer15-05
Ellie Lentz245-05
Natalie Noonan125-03
Evah Owens115-06
Reid Sara255-10
Elise Skelton85-10
Leeah Weber75-07
Maggie OpferJunior

Game Team Stats

09/12/19vs Prince Of Peace Prep2534911214
09/07/19vs Monticello673524
09/07/19vs Midland, Wyoming19153356
09/07/19vs Springville1293825
09/07/19vs Central Elkader20153665
09/07/19vs Lone Tree771054
09/05/19vs Waterloo Christian School161728128
08/31/19vs Anamosa171931213
08/31/19@ North Linn111324181
08/31/19vs Central Elkader61121146
08/31/19vs Jesup5411203
08/31/19@ Beckman Catholic37951

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