Clayton Ridge, Guttenberg Volleyball

Class: 2A
Conference: Upper Iowa
Overall Record: 4-9
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 30.77%
Conference Record: 2-2
Conference Win %: 50.00%
District Record: 0-2
District Win %: 0.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
08/27/19 5:00PMAlburnettBox ScoreL 2-0Lisbon High School
08/27/19 5:00PMLisbonBox ScoreL 2-0Lisbon High School
08/27/19 5:00PMEast BuchananBox ScoreW 2-1Lisbon High School
08/27/19 5:00PMTiptonBox ScoreL 2-0Lisbon High School
09/03/19 5:30PMJesupBox ScoreL 2-0Jesup High School
09/03/19 5:30PMMaquoketa ValleyBox ScoreL 2-0Jesup High School
09/14/19 New HamptonBox ScoreL 2-0Unknown
09/14/19 Turkey ValleyBox ScoreL 2-0Crestwood High School
09/14/19 Kee, LansingBox ScoreW 2-0Crestwood High School
09/14/19 North Fayette ValleyBox ScoreL 2-1Crestwood High School
09/14/19 Kee, LansingBox ScoreW 2-0Crestwood High School
09/14/19 9:00AMCrestwoodBox ScoreL 2-0Crestwood High School
09/17/19 5:30PMStarmontBox ScoreW 3-2Clayton Ridge High School
09/19/19 5:30PMMFL MarMacGame PreviewMFL MarMac HS
09/21/19 9:00AMNashua-PlainfieldGame PreviewNashua-Plainfield Junior-Senior High School
09/24/19 West Central, MaynardGame PreviewClayton Ridge High School
09/26/19 Turkey ValleyGame PreviewClayton Ridge High School
10/01/19 Kee, LansingGame PreviewKee High School
10/03/19 PostvilleGame PreviewPostville (John R Mott) High School
10/08/19 Central ElkaderGame PreviewClayton Ridge High School
10/15/19 South WinneshiekGame PreviewSouth Winneshiek High School
10/17/19 North Fayette ValleyGame PreviewClayton Ridge High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Game Team Stats

09/17/19vs Starmont40369158
09/14/19vs Crestwood15132321
09/14/19vs Kee, Lansing882124
09/14/19vs North Fayette Valley29234936
09/14/19vs New Hampton872401
09/14/19vs Kee, Lansing1493039
09/14/19vs Turkey Valley883834
09/03/19vs Maquoketa Valley15153622
09/03/19vs Jesup642801
08/27/19vs Lisbon13133943
08/27/19@ Alburnett20195391
08/27/19vs East Buchanan25196325
08/27/19vs Tipton332724

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