Glenwood Volleyball

Class: 4A
Conference: Hawkeye Ten
Overall Record: 7-5
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 58.33%
Conference Record: 3-1
Conference Win %: 75.00%
District Record: 1-0
District Win %: 100.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
08/29/19 Council Bluffs, TJBox ScoreW 2-0Glenwood Senior High School
08/29/19 MVAOCOUBox ScoreW 2-0Glenwood Senior High School
08/29/19 5:00PMTri-Center, NeolaBox ScoreL 2-0Tri-Center High School
08/29/19 5:00PMSidneyBox ScoreL 2-1Tri-Center High School
08/31/19 East Sac CountyBox ScoreL 2-0Glenwood Senior High School
08/31/19 Logan-MagnoliaBox ScoreW 2-0Glenwood Senior High School
08/31/19 St. Albert, CBBox ScoreW 2-1Glenwood Senior High School
08/31/19 HarlanBox ScoreW 2-0Harlan Community High School
08/31/19 Council Bluffs, ALBox ScoreL 2-0Glenwood Senior High School
09/10/19 7:15PMRed OakBox ScoreL 3-0Red Oak High School
09/14/19 1:30PMUnderwoodGame PreviewAtlantic High School
09/14/19 10:00AMTreynorBox ScoreW 2-1Atlantic High School
09/14/19 12:30PMWintersetGame PreviewAtlantic High School
09/14/19 9:00AMSt. Albert, CBBox ScoreL 2-0Atlantic High School
09/14/19 9:00AMAtlanticBox ScoreW 2-0Atlantic High School
09/17/19 AtlanticGame PreviewGlenwood Senior High School
09/17/19 4:30PMClarindaGame PreviewClarinda High School
09/19/19 7:15PMShenandoahGame PreviewGlenwood Senior High School
09/24/19 7:15PMDenison-SchleswigGame PreviewGlenwood Senior High School
09/28/19 West MarshallGame PreviewNevada High School
09/28/19 NorwalkGame PreviewNevada High School
09/28/19 CarlisleGame PreviewNevada High School
10/08/19 St. Albert, CBGame PreviewGlenwood Senior High School
10/08/19 4:30PMHarlanGame PreviewHarlan Community High School
10/10/19 7:15PMCrestonGame PreviewCreston High School
10/15/19 7:15PMLewis CentralGame PreviewGlenwood Senior High School
10/21/19 7:15PMKuemper CatholicGame PreviewGlenwood Senior High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Brynlee Arnold276-03
Kendall Bardsley215-10
Taryn Bertini155-08
Grace Boles245-07
Kelly Embray55-06
Joslyn Lewis185-10
Elle Scarborough235-08
Jaeda Wilson25-03
Zoie Brown225-08
Victoria Hays115-11
Abby Hughes165-08
Kennedy Jones145-10
Maggie Russmann75-03
Sasha Sinecio35-06

Game Team Stats

09/10/19vs Red Oak272651121
08/31/19vs Harlan17143054
08/31/19vs St. Albert, CB28253965
08/31/19@ Council Bluffs, AL23223972
08/31/19vs Logan-Magnolia24202754
08/31/19@ East Sac County201826103
08/29/19vs MVAOCOU181810212
08/29/19vs Sidney29292826
08/29/19vs Tri-Center, Neola15151961
08/29/19@ Council Bluffs, TJ181621105

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