Kingsley-Pierson Volleyball

Class: 1A
Conference: Western Valley
Overall Record: 1-11
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 8.33%
Conference Record: 1-6
Conference Win %: 14.29%
District Record: 1-2
District Win %: 33.33%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
08/29/19 MMCRUBox ScoreL 3-0Kingsley-Pierson High School
09/03/19 8:00PMRidge ViewBox ScoreL 3-0Kingsley-Pierson High School
09/10/19 8:00PMWest MononaBox ScoreL 3-1West Monona High School
09/14/19 10:00AMSouth Central CalhounBox ScoreL 2-0South Central Calhoun High School
09/14/19 12:00PMRidge ViewBox ScoreL 2-1South Central Calhoun High School
09/14/19 12:45PMHarlanBox ScoreL 2-0South Central Calhoun High School
09/14/19 2:30PMKuemper CatholicBox ScoreL 2-0South Central Calhoun High School
09/14/19 4:00PMRiver ValleyBox ScoreW 2-0Kingsley-Pierson High School
09/14/19 5:00PMEast Sac CountyBox ScoreL 2-1South Central Calhoun High School
09/17/19 6:00PMLawton-BronsonBox ScoreL 3-0Siouxland Community Christian
09/17/19 7:30PMSiouxland ChristianBox ScoreL 3-0Siouxland Community Christian
09/19/19 7:30PMOA-BCIGBox ScoreL 3-0Odabolt Arthur-Battle Creek Ida Grove High School
09/21/19 Sioux Centrl, Sioux RapGame PreviewOdabolt Arthur-Battle Creek Ida Grove High School
09/24/19 8:00PMRiver ValleyGame PreviewKingsley-Pierson High School
09/28/19 River ValleyGame PreviewWestwood High School
09/28/19 Westwood, SloanGame PreviewWestwood High School
09/28/19 Ridge ViewGame PreviewWestwood High School
09/28/19 Lawton-BronsonGame PreviewUnknown
10/08/19 8:00PMWoodbury CentralGame PreviewWoodbury Central High School
10/10/19 8:00PMWestwood, SloanGame PreviewKingsley-Pierson High School
10/15/19 8:00PMMVAOCOUGame PreviewKingsley-Pierson High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Abbi Bailey125-05
Emilee Beekman105-07
Emerson Benson135-08
Rachel Bohle165-07
Anna Bubke115-07
Halle Collins75-05
Hayden Dunne15-05
McKenzie Goodwin85-08
Shayley Haggin25-07
Paige Kuchel35-07
Chloe Peschau155-08
Kara Schmid45-05

Game Team Stats

09/19/19vs OA-BCIG19183483
09/17/19vs Siouxland Christian19173493
09/17/19vs Lawton-Bronson27251766
09/14/19@ East Sac County21132504
09/14/19vs South Central Calhoun9920111
09/14/19vs Ridge View17152665
09/14/19vs River Valley16151466
09/14/19@ Harlan14142142
09/14/19vs Kuemper Catholic1581901
09/10/19vs West Monona404147410
09/03/19vs Ridge View15154672
08/29/19vs MMCRU13113742

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