Missouri Valley Volleyball

Class: 2A
Conference: Western Iowa
Overall Record: 8-8
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 50.00%
Conference Record: 2-1
Conference Win %: 66.67%
District Record: 2-1
District Win %: 66.67%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
09/05/19 MVAOCOUBox ScoreW 2-0North High School-Des Moines
09/05/19 Sioux City, NorthBox ScoreL 2-0North High School-Sioux City
09/05/19 West MononaBox ScoreL 2-1West Monona High School
09/07/19 WoodbineBox ScoreW 2-0Missouri Valley High School
09/07/19 9:00AMBoyer ValleyBox ScoreW 2-0Missouri Valley High School
09/07/19 9:00AMExira-EHKBox ScoreW 2-0Missouri Valley High School
09/07/19 9:00AMGriswoldBox ScoreW 2-0Missouri Valley High School
09/07/19 9:00AMRiverside, OaklandBox ScoreL 2-0Missouri Valley High School
09/12/19 7:30AMIKM-ManningBox ScoreW 3-1Missouri Valley High School
09/14/19 LenoxBox ScoreL 2-0Unknown
09/14/19 BedfordBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/14/19 StantonBox ScoreL 2-0Shenandoah High School
09/14/19 CrestonBox ScoreL 2-0Unknown
09/14/19 8:30AMShenandoahBox ScoreL 2-0Unknown
09/15/19 Fremont-MillsBox ScoreL 2-0Shenandoah High School
09/17/19 7:30PMAudubonBox ScoreW 3-0Audubon Middle-High School
09/21/19 West HarrisonGame PreviewWest Harrison High School
09/21/19 AHSTWGame PreviewWest Harrison High School
09/21/19 WoodbineGame PreviewWest Harrison High School
09/24/19 7:30PMAHSTWGame PreviewA-H-S-T High School
09/26/19 7:30PMLogan-MagnoliaGame PreviewMissouri Valley High School
10/01/19 7:35PMRiverside, OaklandGame PreviewRiverside Community High School
10/03/19 7:30PMTreynorGame PreviewMissouri Valley High School
10/08/19 7:30PMTri-Center, NeolaGame PreviewMissouri Valley High School
10/10/19 6:00PMUnderwoodGame PreviewUnderwood High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Lauren Austin45-04
Patricia Bostwick15-06
Claire Clausen125-09
Olivia Guinan115-11
Morghan Herman55-07Senior
Payton Hilts135-05
Julia Janssen155-09Senior
Emma Jimmerson35-06
Brianna Ladd25-08
Carlie Winchester75-09
Megan Winchester85-11
Maya Contreraz55-10
Ava Hilts145-10
Addi Huegli65-03
Chloe Larsen156-00
Ella Myler105-08

Game Team Stats

09/17/19@ Audubon33316942
09/15/19@ Fremont-Mills11103601
09/14/19vs Creston16113632
09/14/19vs Shenandoah1191800
09/14/19vs Stanton14134201
09/14/19@ Lenox863704
09/14/19vs Bedford13103024
09/12/19@ IKM-Manning302486138
09/07/19vs Griswold191630112
09/07/19vs Woodbine971419
09/07/19@ Exira-EHK14142006
09/07/19vs Boyer Valley17172444
09/07/19vs Riverside, Oakland894224
09/05/19vs Sioux City, North1091743
09/05/19vs MVAOCOU971128
09/05/19vs West Monona15142734

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