Woodbury Central Volleyball

Class: 1A
Conference: Western Valley
Overall Record: 2-11
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 15.39%
Conference Record: 1-4
Conference Win %: 20.00%
District Record: 1-4
District Win %: 20.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
09/03/19 8:00PMMVAOCOUBox ScoreW 3-1Maple Valley-Anthon Oto High School
09/07/19 MMCRUBox ScoreL 2-0Schaller-Crestland Elementary
09/07/19 OA-BCIGBox ScoreL 2-0Schaller-Crestland Elementary
09/10/19 8:00PMOA-BCIGBox ScoreL 3-0Woodbury Central High School
09/12/19 7:30PMWhitingBox ScoreW 3-0Whiting Senior High School
09/14/19 Sioux City, NorthBox ScoreL 2-1Unknown
09/14/19 10:15AMSheldonBox ScoreL 2-0LeMars High School
09/14/19 8:00AMLeMars Gehlen CatholicBox ScoreL 2-0LeMars High School
09/14/19 8:00AMSergeant Bluff-LutonBox ScoreL 2-0LeMars High School
09/17/19 5:30PMWest MononaBox ScoreL 3-0West Monona High School
09/17/19 7:00PMWestwood, SloanBox ScoreL 3-1Maple Valley-Anthon Oto High School
09/21/19 Trinity Christian, HullBox ScoreL 2-1Unknown
09/21/19 11:00AMWest Sioux, HawardenGame PreviewWest Sioux High School
09/21/19 8:00AMTBDGame PreviewWest Sioux High School
09/24/19 7:00PMSiouxland ChristianGame PreviewSiouxland Community Christian
09/28/19 Siouxland ChristianGame PreviewWoodbury Central High School
09/28/19 TBDGame PreviewWoodbury Central High School
10/05/19 TBDGame PreviewRiver Valley Junior- Senior High School
10/08/19 8:00PMKingsley-PiersonGame PreviewWoodbury Central High School
10/10/19 8:00PMLawton-BronsonGame PreviewWoodbury Central High School
10/15/19 8:00PMRidge ViewGame PreviewWoodbury Central High School
10/17/19 8:00PMRiver ValleyGame PreviewRiver Valley Junior- Senior High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Game Team Stats

09/17/19@ West Monona22144456
09/17/19@ Westwood, Sloan35316438
09/14/19@ LeMars Gehlen Catholic661905
09/14/19@ Sergeant Bluff-Luton551521
09/14/19@ Sheldon882115
09/14/19vs Sioux City, North17162375
09/12/19@ Whiting211823326
09/10/19@ OA-BCIG19173847
09/07/19vs East Sac County76601
09/07/19@ OA-BCIG891327
09/07/19@ MMCRU892013
09/03/19@ MVAOCOU374330626

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