Southeast Warren Baseball

Class: 1A
Conference: Pride of Iowa
District: District 15
Overall Record: 28-6
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 82.35%
Conference Record: 12-3
Conference Win %: 80.00%
District Record: 5-1
District Win %: 83.33%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 MurrayBox ScoreW 15-0Lacona Ball Field
05/22/19 Twin CedarsBox ScoreW 12-3Lacona Ball Field
05/23/19 7:00PMEast UnionBox ScoreW 25-0East Union Middle-High School
05/29/19 7:00PMEarlhamBox ScoreW 5-1EARLHAM SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL
05/30/19 Pella ChristianBox ScoreW 3-2Lacona Ball Field
05/31/19 7:30PMLenoxBox ScoreW 10-2Lenox High School
06/04/19 6:00PMMartensdale-St MarysBox ScoreW 3-2Lacona Ball Field
06/05/19 LamoniBox ScoreW 17-6George Foreman Park
06/07/19 BedfordBox ScoreW 11-4Lacona Ball Field
06/10/19 Ankeny ChristianBox ScoreW 15-1Cownie Baseball Field, Des Moines
06/11/19 7:30PMCentral Decatur, LeonBox ScoreW 9-0Central Decatur MS/Sr High School
06/12/19 Melcher-DallasBox ScoreW 15-5Lacona Ball Field
06/13/19 Wayne, CorydonBox ScoreW 6-1Lacona Ball Field
06/14/19 Mount AyrBox ScoreW 9-2Lacona Ball Field
06/17/19 MoraviaBox ScoreW 5-4Lacona Ball Field
06/17/19 MoraviaBox ScoreW 13-5Lacona Ball Field
06/18/19 East UnionBox ScoreW 12-2Lacona Ball Field
06/20/19 Central Decatur, LeonGame PreviewLacona Ball Field
06/21/19 7:30PMSouthwest ValleyGame PreviewLacona Ball Field
06/24/19 SeymourBox ScoreW 13-0Lacona Ball Field
06/25/19 6:00PMLynnville-SullyBox ScoreW 16-1Lynnville-Sully High School
06/26/19 West Central ValleyBox ScoreW 19-1Lacona Ball Field
06/27/19 Central Decatur, LeonBox ScoreW 8-1Lacona Ball Field
06/28/19 7:30PMNodaway ValleyBox ScoreL 5-4Nodaway Valley High School
06/29/19 FairfieldBox ScoreL 8-7Fairfield Middle School
06/29/19 MediapolisBox ScoreW 10-2Fairfield Middle School
07/01/19 Mormon TrailBox ScoreW 12-0Mormon Trail Jr-Sr High School
07/02/19 Wayne, CorydonBox ScoreW 16-1Unknown
07/03/19 Southwest ValleyBox ScoreW 14-0Lacona Ball Field
07/05/19 Martensdale-St MarysBox ScoreL 4-3Martensdale-St Marys Jr-Sr High School
07/08/19 Eddyville-Blakesburg-FremontBox ScoreL 8-7Eddyville-Blakesburg- Fremont Jr/Sr High
07/09/19 PleasantvilleBox ScoreL 11-7Pleasantville High School
07/13/19 7:00PMOrient-MacksburgBox ScoreW 12-0Milo Ball Park
07/16/19 7:00PMNodaway ValleyBox ScoreW 15-0Milo Ball Park
07/22/19 7:00PMAudubonBox ScoreW 10-0Milo Ball Park
07/23/19 7:00PMCoon Rapids-BayardBox ScoreL 9-1Dowling High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Kaleb Bauer3Senior
Seth Chumbley12Junior
Austin Clendenen14Sophomore
Ben Crall8th
Tanner Dierking6Sophomore
Lane Dittmer7Senior
Bryce Hall2Junior
Brock Kyner13Senior
Luke LaneFreshman
Brock Manser5Freshman
Kole Manser11Junior
Mason Merfeld4Sophomore
Cade Nelson1Freshman
Jeffrey OakleyFreshman
Colby Page15Senior
Will Prater8th
Jt Rowe8Junior
Dylan Ruggles8th
Dominic Wadle8th
James Wendt16Sophomore
Ben Wickett8th
Jack Williams8th

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/191981520010106vs Murray
05/22/192711123109103vs Twin Cedars
05/23/1926102530124313@ East Union
05/29/192475101544@ Earlham
05/30/192643200105vs Pella Christian
05/31/19331010201755@ Lenox
06/04/192773000215vs Martensdale-St Ma
06/05/1933161731016168@ Lamoni
06/07/193117111001037vs Bedford
06/10/192712153021358@ Ankeny Christian
06/11/1934159210850@ Central Decatur, L
06/12/19181015201111512vs Melcher-Dallas
06/13/192586200633vs Wayne, Corydon
06/14/1927139010972vs Mount Ayr
06/17/192711134001179vs Moravia
06/17/1931115410541vs Moravia
06/18/1920812111998vs East Union
06/24/192391300110105vs Seymour
06/25/192817163111673@ Lynnville-Sully
06/26/1922121930118310vs West Central Vall
06/27/192378101745vs Central Decatur,
06/28/192454001418@ Nodaway Valley
06/29/192987100502vs Fairfield
06/29/19301010101913vs Mediapolis
07/01/192813122021281@ Mormon Trail
07/02/192717162031427@ Wayne, Corydon
07/03/19227142001132vs Southwest Valley
07/05/192463100307@ Martensdale-St Mar
07/08/192547200519@ Eddyville-Blakesbu
07/09/1928107600614@ Pleasantville
07/13/1920712100888vs Orient-Macksburg
07/16/19175150031408vs Nodaway Valley
07/22/192591010010114vs Audubon
07/23/192541100113vs Coon Rapids-Bayar

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