Colo-Nesco Baseball

Class: 1A
Conference: Iowa Star
District: District 11
Overall Record: 11-12
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 47.83%
Conference Record: 7-5
Conference Win %: 58.33%
District Record: 6-3
District Win %: 66.67%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 North Tama, TraerBox ScoreW 11-9Unknown
05/22/19 GMG, GarwinBox ScoreL 8-5Colo-NESCO Jr./Sr. High School
05/29/19 RicevilleGame PreviewZearing Veterans Memorial Field
05/30/19 5:30PMCollins-MaxwellBox ScoreW 11-6Collins-Maxwell Middle/High School
06/04/19 5:00PMBCLUW, ConradBox ScoreW 7-6Zearing Veterans Memorial Field
06/05/19 7:00PMBaxterBox ScoreW 10-1Zearing Veterans Memorial Field
06/07/19 5:00PMTripoliBox ScoreW 21-13Tripoli Middle/Sr High School
06/08/19 Gladbrook-ReinbeckBox ScoreL 6-3Unknown
06/08/19 PleasantvilleBox ScoreL 22-6Colo-NESCO Jr./Sr. High School
06/10/19 7:00PMNorth Tama, TraerBox ScoreL 9-2Colo-NESCO Jr./Sr. High School
06/12/19 7:00PMGMG, GarwinBox ScoreL 14-4GMG Secondary School
06/13/19 7:00PMSouth HardinBox ScoreL 16-6South Hardin High School
06/14/19 5:30PMDon BoscoBox ScoreL 14-0Zearing Veterans Memorial Field
06/17/19 7:00PMClarksvilleBox ScoreW 10-1Zearing Veterans Memorial Field
06/18/19 South HamiltonGame PreviewSouth Hamilton Middle And High School
06/19/19 Collins-MaxwellBox ScoreW 6-0Colo-NESCO Elementary School
06/21/19 5:00PMJanesvilleGame PreviewJanesville Junior-Senior High School
06/24/19 2:00PMRicevilleBox ScoreW 5-3Zearing Veterans Memorial Field
06/24/19 7:00PMDunkertonBox ScoreW 10-0Zearing Veterans Memorial Field
06/26/19 5:00PMBaxterBox ScoreW 7-5Neil Seales Sports Complex (Baxter)
06/27/19 NevadaBox ScoreL 6-1Colo-NESCO Jr./Sr. High School
06/28/19 5:00PMJanesvilleBox ScoreL 8-0Janesville Junior-Senior High School
07/01/19 7:00PMColfax-MingoBox ScoreW 6-2Zearing Veterans Memorial Field
07/02/19 7:15PMBelmond-KlemmeGame PreviewBelmond-Klemme Community Jr-Sr High School
07/08/19 7:00PMAGWSR, AckleyBox ScoreL 7-2Zearing Veterans Memorial Field
07/09/19 7:00PMGrundy CenterBox ScoreL 13-3Grundy Center High School
07/13/19 7:00PMGrundy CenterBox ScoreL 3-0Grundy Center High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Kenny Cutler11Freshman
Jack McKinney10Junior
Spencer Hansen98th
Ethan WilsonSenior
Trevor Burg17Sophomore
Shawn Gilbert8Junior
Sam Mckinney22Freshman
Bradyn Carroll12Freshman
Kaleb Gray168th
Ephram Muntz13Freshman
Asher Grover358th
Kaleb Ruffcorn7Sophomore
Devin ReedSenior
Brighton Clatt4Junior
Kelly Gray15Senior
Alex Rouse25Freshman
Luke Hill1Junior
Andrew Grover44Freshman
Ben Rouse28Freshman

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/192931110051210@ North Tama, Traer
05/22/192975000425vs GMG, Garwin
05/30/19279110006810@ Collins-Maxwell
06/04/1937117000681vs BCLUW, Conrad
06/05/1926101000010124vs Baxter
06/07/1932102120016712@ Tripoli
06/08/192543000346vs Gladbrook-Reinbec
06/08/191876200234vs Pleasantville
06/10/192432000043vs North Tama, Traer
06/12/192344000265@ GMG, Garwin
06/13/192156000448@ South Hardin
06/14/191910000012vs Don Bosco
06/17/1928810200906vs Clarksville
06/19/192376200374vs Collins-Maxwell
06/24/1923710100398@ Dunkerton
06/24/192665200544@ Riceville
06/26/1942117100472@ Baxter
06/27/192321000111vs Nevada
06/28/192100000011@ Janesville
07/01/192686100623vs Colfax-Mingo
07/08/192122000004vs AGWSR, Ackley
07/09/191503000025@ Grundy Center
07/13/192110000000@ Grundy Center

Player of the Week

Kelly Gray (Colo-Nesco)

What do you attribute to your success?I attribute hard work and dedication to my success. I always strive to be the best that I can be and I do that by working hard and sticking with it always.

What is your favorite sports memory?My favorite memory is during senior night throwing a shutout and getting two school records.

Do you have any role models?I have one main role model that I strive to be like. That person is my father. He’s taught me everything that I’ve known and has created my strong work ethic.

Tell us more about yourself?Check out Kelly's baseball page

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