Sioux City East Baseball

Class: 4A
Conference: Missouri River
District: District 1
Overall Record: 26-15
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 63.42%
Conference Record: 18-7
Conference Win %: 72.00%
District Record: 10-3
District Win %: 76.92%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 LeMarsBox ScoreW 13-0LeMars High School
05/24/19 5:00PMClintonBox ScoreW 20-5Fort Dodge High School
05/24/19 7:00PMDavenport WestBox ScoreL 8-1Fort Dodge High School
05/28/19 4:00PMSioux City WestBox ScoreW 9-6East High School (Sioux City)
05/28/19 5:30PMSioux City WestBox ScoreW 4-0West High School-Sioux City
05/29/19 JohnstonBox ScoreL 21-0Carroll Recreation Center
05/30/19 Council Bluffs LincolnGame PreviewAbraham Lincoln High School
05/30/19 4:00PMCouncil Bluffs LincolnGame PreviewAbraham Lincoln High School
06/04/19 Sioux City NorthBox ScoreW 7-1East High School (Sioux City)
06/04/19 5:30PMSioux City NorthBox ScoreW 6-3East High School (Sioux City)
06/06/19 5:30PMCouncil Bluffs JeffersonBox ScoreW 10-6East High School (Sioux City)
06/06/19 5:30PMCouncil Bluffs JeffersonBox ScoreW 9-8East High School (Sioux City)
06/07/19 Sergeant Bluff-LutonBox ScoreW 6-4East High School (Sioux City)
06/07/19 5:30PMSergeant Bluff-LutonBox ScoreW 5-4East High School (Sioux City)
06/11/19 4:00PMBishop HeelanBox ScoreL 13-3Bishop Heelan High School
06/11/19 4:00PMBishop HeelanBox ScoreL 6-4Bishop Heelan High School
06/15/19 BurlingtonBox ScoreW 11-8Abraham Lincoln High School
06/15/19 Pleasant ValleyBox ScoreL 14-7Gale Wickersham Athletic Complex, Council Bluffs
06/18/19 5:30PMSergeant Bluff-LutonBox ScoreW 7-5Sergeant Bluff Baseball/Softball Complex
06/18/19 5:30PMSergeant Bluff-LutonBox ScoreW 5-3Sergeant Bluff-Luton Senior High School
06/19/19 HarlanBox ScoreL 5-2East High School (Sioux City)
06/19/19 HarlanBox ScoreL 6-3East High School (Sioux City)
06/20/19 5:30PMSioux City WestGame PreviewEast High School (Sioux City)
06/20/19 5:30PMSioux City WestGame PreviewWest High School-Sioux City
06/22/19 AmesBox ScoreL 6-5Southeast Polk High School
06/22/19 Southeast PolkBox ScoreL 4-1Southeast Polk High School
06/25/19 Council Bluffs LincolnBox ScoreW 4-1East High School (Sioux City)
06/25/19 5:30PMCouncil Bluffs LincolnBox ScoreW 14-4East High School (Sioux City)
06/27/19 Sioux City NorthBox ScoreL 12-4North High School-Sioux City
06/27/19 5:30PMSioux City NorthBox ScoreW 6-2North High School-Sioux City
06/29/19 2:00PMLewis CentralBox ScoreW 5-3East High School (Sioux City)
07/01/19 5:30PMCouncil Bluffs JeffersonBox ScoreW 16-2Thomas Jefferson High School, Council Bluffs
07/01/19 5:30PMCouncil Bluffs JeffersonBox ScoreW 12-1Thomas Jefferson High School, Council Bluffs
07/03/19 SpencerBox ScoreW 14-3Spencer High School
07/05/19 Fort DodgeBox ScoreW 7-2Fort Dodge High School
07/09/19 4:00PMIndianolaBox ScoreW 4-3Indianola High School
07/09/19 4:00PMIndianolaBox ScoreL 9-8Indianola High School
07/11/19 5:30PMBishop HeelanBox ScoreL 11-4East High School (Sioux City)
07/11/19 5:30PMBishop HeelanBox ScoreL 11-7East High School (Sioux City)
07/13/19 Council Bluffs LincolnBox ScoreW 13-10Abraham Lincoln High School
07/13/19 10:00AMCouncil Bluffs LincolnBox ScoreW 15-7Abraham Lincoln High School
07/15/19 Sioux City WestBox ScoreL 6-4West High School-Sioux City
07/15/19 5:30PMSioux City WestBox ScoreW 4-0West High School-Sioux City
07/16/19 5:30PMLeMarsBox ScoreW 12-2East High School (Sioux City)
07/19/19 8:00PMSioux City WestBox ScoreL 10-0East High School (Sioux City)
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Carter Junge23Junior
Easton Voigt9Sophomore
Ray Ray Douglas18Senior
Drew Brower16Junior
Drew Olson1Senior
Bennet VanderlooSophomore
Kage Kellen16Junior
Nate Zyzda12Senior
Ray Ray DouglasSenior
Colton DeRocher7Senior
Chayce Patterson5Junior
Kyle Burns20Senior
Alec Patino24Junior
Kolton SchagerJunior
Casey Blake22Junior
Noah McWilliams11Senior
Terrick ThompsonSophomore
Aiden Haukap10Freshman
Joe Roder8Senior
Anthony Hacker17Junior
Nick Bartels17Junior
Alex Kleider14Senior
Kaden SchossowJunior
Cam RiemerSophomore

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/192711131011036@ LeMars
05/24/192331200006vs Davenport West
05/24/193014202141746vs Clinton
05/28/192474102411@ Sioux City West
05/28/1925109201837@ Sioux City West
05/29/191420010001@ Johnston
06/04/192696300634vs Sioux City North
06/04/1928117100535vs Sioux City North
06/06/1930109200793vs Council Bluffs Je
06/06/19321810511833vs Council Bluffs Je
06/07/193085400425vs Sergeant Bluff-Lu
06/07/192346200265vs Sergeant Bluff-Lu
06/11/192253000132@ Bishop Heelan
06/11/192744201211@ Bishop Heelan
06/15/192510112021149vs Burlington
06/15/192667301735vs Pleasant Valley
06/18/192775102513@ Sergeant Bluff-Lut
06/18/193387200735@ Sergeant Bluff-Lut
06/19/192652200210vs Harlan
06/19/192883110300vs Harlan
06/22/192331000110@ Southeast Polk
06/22/1921452005310vs Ames
06/25/192584200432vs Council Bluffs Li
06/25/19231214301965vs Council Bluffs Li
06/27/192764200304@ Sioux City North
06/27/1931106120659@ Sioux City North
06/29/1920350104810vs Lewis Central
07/01/193715124401024@ Council Bluffs Jef
07/01/193214163101185@ Council Bluffs Jef
07/03/1932131410001347@ Spencer
07/05/1930137100605@ Fort Dodge
07/09/192124000359@ Indianola
07/09/192688210769@ Indianola
07/11/192774200233vs Bishop Heelan
07/11/1931137411712vs Bishop Heelan
07/13/1934141560113114@ Council Bluffs Lin
07/13/193615134011091@ Council Bluffs Lin
07/15/192594100444vs Sioux City West
07/15/192134100466vs Sioux City West
07/16/19229122001128vs LeMars
07/19/191620100012vs Sioux City West

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