Fort Dodge Baseball

Class: 4A
Conference: CIML
District: District 2
Overall Record: 16-23
Winning Streak: W6
Overall Win %: 41.03%
Conference Record: 9-22
Conference Win %: 29.03%
District Record: 1-3
District Win %: 25.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 Dowling CatholicBox ScoreL 3-1Dodger Stadium, Ft Dodge
05/20/19 Dowling CatholicBox ScoreL 2-1Dodger Stadium, Ft Dodge
05/25/19 1:30PMDavenport WestBox ScoreW 8-2Fort Dodge High School
05/25/19 11:00AMClintonBox ScoreW 8-3Dodger Stadium, Ft Dodge
05/28/19 7:30PMAlgonaBox ScoreW 6-1Algona High School
05/31/19 7:30PMBooneBox ScoreW 9-1Boone High School
06/03/19 WaukeeBox ScoreL 8-6Dodger Stadium, Ft Dodge
06/03/19 5:00PMWaukeeBox ScoreL 2-0Dodger Stadium, Ft Dodge
06/05/19 JohnstonBox ScoreL 8-0Johnston Middle School
06/05/19 JohnstonBox ScoreL 12-1Johnston Middle School
06/07/19 7:30PMSioux City NorthBox ScoreW 13-3North High School-Sioux City
06/10/19 MarshalltownBox ScoreW 14-1Dodger Stadium, Ft Dodge
06/10/19 5:00PMMarshalltownBox ScoreL 2-1Dodger Stadium, Ft Dodge
06/12/19 Southeast PolkBox ScoreL 8-3Southeast Polk High School
06/12/19 5:00PMSoutheast PolkBox ScoreL 4-3Southeast Polk High School
06/13/19 Ankeny CentennialBox ScoreL 13-12Ankeny Centennial High School
06/13/19 5:00PMAnkeny CentennialBox ScoreW 13-9Ankeny Centennial High School
06/19/19 Mason CityBox ScoreW 2-1Mason City High School
06/19/19 Mason CityBox ScoreL 8-2Mason City High School
06/20/19 ValleyBox ScoreW 5-2Fort Dodge High School
06/20/19 5:00PMValleyBox ScoreL 4-2Fort Dodge High School
06/22/19 North ScottGame PreviewNorth Scott Senior High School
06/22/19 LeMarsGame PreviewLeMars High School
06/24/19 WaukeeBox ScoreL 3-2Waukee Senior High School
06/24/19 WaukeeBox ScoreW 9-3Waukee Senior High School
06/26/19 MarshalltownBox ScoreL 5-1Marshalltown High School
06/26/19 5:00PMMarshalltownBox ScoreL 4-3Marshalltown High School
06/27/19 OttumwaBox ScoreL 8-7Legion Field & Staggs Court
06/27/19 3:30PMOttumwaBox ScoreL 11-7Legion Field & Staggs Court
07/01/19 Southeast PolkBox ScoreL 9-2Dodger Stadium, Ft Dodge
07/01/19 5:00PMSoutheast PolkBox ScoreL 11-5Fort Dodge High School
07/02/19 ValleyBox ScoreL 2-0Valley High School
07/02/19 5:00PMValleyGame PreviewValley High School
07/03/19 ValleyGame PreviewValley High School
07/03/19 ValleyGame PreviewValley High School
07/05/19 Sioux City EastBox ScoreL 7-2Fort Dodge High School
07/08/19 Mason CityBox ScoreL 13-7Dodger Stadium, Ft Dodge
07/08/19 5:00PMMason CityBox ScoreL 9-4Fort Dodge High School
07/10/19 Des Moines NorthBox ScoreW 19-2North High School-Sioux City
07/10/19 3:30PMDes Moines NorthBox ScoreW 11-0North High School-Des Moines
07/13/19 LeMarsBox ScoreW 6-2Fort Dodge High School
07/15/19 Des Moines EastBox ScoreW 9-5Dodger Stadium, Ft Dodge
07/15/19 5:00PMDes Moines EastBox ScoreW 6-3Dodger Stadium, Ft Dodge
07/16/19 7:00PMCarrollBox ScoreW 5-0Dodger Stadium, Ft Dodge
07/19/19 7:00PMAnkenyGame PreviewAnkeny Baseball/Softball Complex
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Nick Bice7Junior
Bryer Nelson3Senior
Brycen Bell30Junior
Drake Miller15Senior
David FolsomJunior
Shane Halligan14Junior
Nelson ConeJunior
Drew Callon5Senior
Eli ElsbeckerFreshman
Jerry ChadaSophomore
Mason Bockoven2Junior
Anthony Wagner16Senior
Easton ConeJunior
Mason Bowman13Junior
Dylan Zimmermann20Sophomore
Jace UlrichFreshman
Nathan Blocker1Senior
Sawyer Springer25Sophomore
Drake CallonFreshman
Mason Bodholdt6Senior
Lucas Williamson4Senior
Carson PetersonFreshman

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/192211000115vs Dowling Catholic
05/20/192211001112vs Dowling Catholic
05/25/1926108200713vs Davenport West
05/25/192378100646vs Clinton
05/28/192666100526@ Algona
05/31/192979300847@ Boone
06/03/192660000004vs Waukee
06/03/192846000115vs Waukee
06/05/191800000006@ Johnston
06/05/191931101100@ Johnston
06/07/192713132101224@ Sioux City North
06/10/192614143101301vs Marshalltown
06/10/192121200100vs Marshalltown
06/12/192552000251@ Southeast Polk
06/12/1930103400301@ Southeast Polk
06/13/19341112200912@ Ankeny Centennial
06/13/19351613410913@ Ankeny Centennial
06/19/192762000121@ Mason City
06/19/192542100014@ Mason City
06/20/192532000200vs Valley
06/20/192785101302vs Valley
06/24/1937139101735@ Waukee
06/24/193582100210@ Waukee
06/26/192441100100@ Marshalltown
06/26/193273101300@ Marshalltown
06/27/1931117001514@ Ottumwa
06/27/192887110728@ Ottumwa
07/01/192462001202vs Southeast Polk
07/01/192785200501vs Southeast Polk
07/02/191620000012@ Valley
07/05/192222101124vs Sioux City East
07/08/192664100327vs Mason City
07/08/1932117102711vs Mason City
07/10/192414201011773@ Des Moines North
07/10/192410112201144@ Des Moines North
07/13/192885110312vs LeMars
07/15/1931139501800vs Des Moines East
07/15/192476000434vs Des Moines East
07/16/192675200421vs Carroll

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