Underwood Volleyball

Class: 2A
Conference: Western Iowa
Overall Record: 18-5
Winning Streak: L1
Overall Win %: 78.26%
Conference Record: 7-2
Conference Win %: 77.78%
District Record: 7-2
District Win %: 77.78%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
08/31/19 SidneyBox ScoreW 2-1Underwood High School
08/31/19 IndianolaBox ScoreW 2-1Indianola High School
08/31/19 8:30AMTri-Center, NeolaBox ScoreW 2-0Harlan Community High School
08/31/19 8:30AMTreynorBox ScoreW 2-0Harlan Community High School
08/31/19 9:00AMHarlanBox ScoreW 2-0Harlan Community High School
09/10/19 Fremont-MillsBox ScoreW 3-0Underwood High School
09/12/19 7:30PMTri-Center, NeolaBox ScoreL 3-2Tri-Center High School
09/14/19 1:30PMGlenwoodBox ScoreL 2-0Atlantic High School
09/14/19 10:00AMSt. Albert, CBBox ScoreL 2-0Atlantic High School
09/14/19 11:00AMTreynorBox ScoreW 2-1Atlantic High School
09/14/19 12:30PMAtlanticBox ScoreW 2-0Atlantic High School
09/14/19 9:00AMWintersetBox ScoreW 2-0Atlantic High School
09/17/19 7:30PMTreynorBox ScoreW 3-2Treynor High School
09/19/19 7:30AMIKM-ManningBox ScoreW 3-0Underwood High School
09/21/19 Coon Rapids-BayardBox ScoreW 2-0Guthrie Center High School
09/21/19 Glidden-RalstonBox ScoreW 2-0Guthrie Center High School
09/21/19 10:30AMCoon Rapids-BayardBox ScoreW 2-0Guthrie Center High School
09/21/19 11:15AMExira-EHKBox ScoreW 2-0Guthrie Center High School
09/21/19 9:00AMWest Central Val, StuartBox ScoreW 2-0Guthrie Center High School
09/24/19 7:30PMAudubonBox ScoreW 3-0Audubon Middle-High School
10/01/19 7:30PMAHSTWBox ScoreW 3-1A-H-S-T High School
10/03/19 7:30PMLogan-MagnoliaBox ScoreL 3-1Underwood High School
10/08/19 7:30PMRiverside, OaklandBox ScoreW 3-0Underwood High School
10/08/19 7:30PMRiverside, OaklandGame PreviewUnknown
10/10/19 6:00PMMissouri ValleyGame PreviewUnderwood High School
10/12/19 CAM, AnitaGame PreviewCAM High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Lauren Brown105-10
Peyton Cook85-09
Brianna Justsen95-11
Erin McMains45-02
Allie Roberrtson7/5-02
Erica Rowe215-04
Zoe Rus185-09
Ashlyn Torneten25-11
Macy Vanfossan155-11
Delaney Ambrose125-10
Leslie Morales-Foote15-03
Haylee Seidler75-08

Game Team Stats

10/03/19vs Logan-Magnolia383678258
10/01/19@ AHSTW564668137
09/24/19@ Audubon31293356
09/21/19@ Glidden-Ralston19144323
09/21/19vs West Central Val, Stuart251928101
09/21/19@ Coon Rapids-Bayard18163511
09/21/19@ Exira-EHK25212945
09/21/19@ Coon Rapids-Bayard26234444
09/19/19@ IKM-Manning38343635
09/17/19@ Treynor635977195
09/14/19@ Glenwood161715104
09/14/19vs Winterset17182314
09/14/19@ St. Albert, CB21172922
09/14/19@ Atlantic19171967
09/14/19@ Treynor34283423
09/12/19@ Tri-Center, Neola5551682210
09/10/19@ Fremont-Mills36344395
08/31/19@ Treynor18181046
08/31/19vs Council Bluffs, AL15151222
08/31/19@ Sidney30273554
08/31/19@ Harlan13131542
08/31/19@ Indianola28242584
08/31/19@ Tri-Center, Neola23242408

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