Sioux City, North @ Track Meet

@Lewis Central Senior High School
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Sioux City, North

Overall: 0-0 Conference: 0-0Team Rank: Not Ranked


#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11100 Meter Dash185Moradel, EduardoSouth Sioux City High School (04/25)11.53
22100 Meter Dash278Moradel, EduardoSergeant Bluff-Luton Senior High School (05/02)11.65
33100 Meter Dash721Sullivan, DedricHeelan Catholic Memorial Stadium (04/09)12.03
44100 Meter Dash1088Conner, CaleLewis Central High School (04/22)12.29
51110 Meter Hurdles43Conner, CaleAbraham Lincoln High School (05/09)15.24
62110 Meter Hurdles664Christensen, LorcanSergeant Bluff-Luton Senior High School (05/02)19.12
73110 Meter Hurdles771Hagan, JacobUniversity of South Dakota (04/01)20.72
84110 Meter Hurdles781Philpotts, KieranSanford Jackrabbit Athletic Complex (03/23)20.95
911600 Meter Run71Bouwers, JaysenLewis Central High School (04/22)4:38.13
1021600 Meter Run186Kifle, YemaneSergeant Bluff-Luton Senior High School (05/02)4:46.27
1131600 Meter Run290Greenwell, ColinLewis Central High School (04/16)4:52.09
1241600 Meter Run395Lohr, WilliamMorningside College (04/29)4:55.84
131200 Meter Dash301Hansen, DanteHeelan Catholic Memorial Stadium (04/09)23.75
142200 Meter Dash719Moradel, EduardoSouth Sioux City High School (04/25)24.47
153200 Meter Dash828Sullivan, DedricSergeant Bluff-Luton Senior High School (05/02)24.64
164200 Meter Dash1128Benson, LukeUniversity of South Dakota (04/04)25.01
1713200 Meter Run14Bouwers, JaysenAbraham Lincoln High School (05/09)9:39.36
1823200 Meter Run201Lohr, WilliamMorningside College (04/18)10:30.55
1933200 Meter Run287Greenwell, ColinMorningside College (04/18)10:44.58
2043200 Meter Run378Walters, NickAbraham Lincoln High School (05/09)10:58.76
211400 Meter Dash271Benson, LukeUniversity of South Dakota (04/04)53.62
222400 Meter Dash519Greenwell, ColinMorningside College (04/18)54.88
233400 Meter Dash524Sullivan, DedricMorningside College (04/29)54.89
244400 Meter Dash582Karisa, DavidSouth Sioux City High School (04/25)55.14
251400 Meter Hurdles369Conner, CaleHeelan Catholic Memorial Stadium (04/09)1:01.89
262400 Meter Hurdles506Philpotts, KieranMorningside College (04/18)1:03.40
273400 Meter Hurdles767Christensen, LorcanAbraham Lincoln High School (05/09)1:06.70
281800 Meter Run79Benson, LukeAbraham Lincoln High School (05/09)2:02.38
292800 Meter Run144Lohr, WilliamAbraham Lincoln High School (05/09)2:04.21
303800 Meter Run267Greenwell, ColinHeelan Catholic Memorial Stadium (04/09)2:07.07
314800 Meter Run299Bouwers, JaysenMorningside College (04/18)2:07.68


#RaceSt RnkAthletesLocation (Dt)Mark
11600 Medley Relay77Bouwers, J, Greenwell, C, Hansen, D, Moradel, ESergeant Bluff-Luton (05/02)3:44.26
24x100 Meter Relay100Conner, C, Hagan, M, Hansen, D, Moradel, ESergeant Bluff-Luton (05/02)45.16
34x110 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Relay149Christensen, L, Conner, C, Hagan, M, Phung, KAbraham Lincoln High (05/09)1:08.12
44x200 Meter Relay170Hansen, D, McClain, A, Moradel, E, Sullivan, DHeelan Catholic Memo (04/09)1:36.70
54x400 Meter Relay121Benson, L, Greenwell, C, Hansen, D, Karisa, DSergeant Bluff-Luton (05/02)3:36.34
64x800 Meter Relay50Benson, L, Bouwers, J, Greenwell, C, Lohr, WHeelan Catholic Memo (04/09)8:23.22
7800 Medley Relay117Conner, C, Hansen, D, Karisa, D, Moradel, EAbraham Lincoln High (05/09)1:38.53

Field Events

#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11Discus343Jackson, RahssanAbraham Lincoln High School (05/09)121-04.00
22Discus555Lohr, MattSergeant Bluff-Luton Senior High School (05/02)110-04.50
33Discus1078Fry, TylerHeelan Catholic Memorial Stadium (04/09)86-04.00
41High Jump237Phung, KevinAbraham Lincoln High School (05/09)5-08.00
51Long Jump204Phung, KevinSouth Sioux City High School (04/25)19-10.75
62Long Jump294Hagan, MattSergeant Bluff-Luton Senior High School (05/02)19-04.50
73Long Jump369Hagan, JacobUniversity of South Dakota (04/04)19-00.00
84Long Jump486Conner, CaleHeelan Catholic Memorial Stadium (04/09)18-06.00
91Shot Put281Cassell, DwayneLewis Central High School (04/16)43-02.00
102Shot Put286Divis, EricHeelan Catholic Memorial Stadium (04/09)43-01.50
113Shot Put592Jackson, RahssanAbraham Lincoln High School (05/09)38-11.00
124Shot Put1046Gbogbo, ElomSanford Jackrabbit Athletic Complex (03/23)34-01.75

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