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Southeast Valley

Overall: 0-0 Conference: 0-0Team Rank: Not Ranked


#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11100 Meter Dash76Fisher, KierstenSoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (05/02)12.94
22100 Meter Dash389Jondle, KataraSoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (04/15)13.64
33100 Meter Dash2052Mills, ShelbyHumboldt High School (04/22)15.70
44100 Meter Dash2495Hakkour, HibaSoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (05/02)16.71
51100 Meter Hurdles40Fisher, KierstenSoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (05/02)15.76
62100 Meter Hurdles687Hicks, ChloeHumboldt High School (04/22)18.88
73100 Meter Hurdles1255Troutwine, KylerSoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (05/02)22.78
84100 Meter Hurdles1270Weiland, KylieHumboldt High School (04/22)23.08
911500 Meter Run972Doyle, MadisonHumboldt High School (04/22)6:21.25
1021500 Meter Run1208Troutwine, KylerSoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (05/02)6:51.53
1131500 Meter Run1256Welter, HayleeBallard High School (04/26)7:04.24
1241500 Meter Run1299Grossnickle, ChelseaSoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (05/02)7:23.73
131200 Meter Dash154Jondle, KataraSoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (05/02)27.29
142200 Meter Dash180Fisher, KierstenSoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (05/02)27.41
153200 Meter Dash1515Johnson, MarlieSoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/01)30.61
164200 Meter Dash1736Cummins, ShelbyGreene County High School (03/26)31.05
1713000 Meter Run637Doyle, MadisonSoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (04/15)13:54.37
1823000 Meter Run753Welter, HayleeHawk Stadium (04/04)14:44.45
1933000 Meter Run784Grossnickle, ChelseaIowa State (03/18)15:11.56
201400 Meter Dash511Johnson, MarlieSoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (05/02)1:06.67
212400 Meter Dash640Jondle, KataraHawk Stadium (04/04)1:07.59
223400 Meter Dash1808Hicks, ChloeGreene County High School (03/26)1:16.30
234400 Meter Dash2235Mills, ShelbyHumboldt High School (03/21)1:23.36
241400 Meter Hurdles171Cummins, ShelbySoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (05/02)1:12.90
252400 Meter Hurdles361Hicks, ChloeBallard High School (04/26)1:17.68
263400 Meter Hurdles835Weiland, KylieSoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/01)1:39.48
274400 Meter Hurdles842Troutwine, KylerHumboldt High School (04/22)1:47.19
281800 Meter Run1388Doyle, MadisonSoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/01)3:01.55
292800 Meter Run1681Welter, HayleeGreene County High School (03/26)3:13.33
303800 Meter Run1791Grossnickle, ChelseaSoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (05/02)3:19.62
314800 Meter Run1926Weiland, KylieIowa State (03/18)3:44.46


#RaceSt RnkAthletesLocation (Dt)Mark
11600 Medley Relay306Bethel, A, Doyle, M, Hicks, C, Johnson, MHumboldt High School (04/22)5:21.21
24x100 Meter Relay175Cummins, S, Fisher, K, Hemmestad, E, Jondle, KSoutheast Valley Hig (04/01)54.37
34x100 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Relay254Farnham, M, Hicks, C, Troutwine, K, Weiland, KSoutheast Valley HS, (05/02)1:27.24
44x200 Meter Relay126Cummins, S, Farnham, M, Hemmestad, E, Jondle, KSoutheast Valley HS, (05/02)1:52.89
54x400 Meter Relay171Cummins, S, Farnham, M, Johnson, M, Jondle, KSoutheast Valley HS, (05/02)4:29.64
64x800 Meter Relay283Doyle, M, Grossnickle, C, Mills, S, Welter, HSoutheast Valley Hig (04/01)13:42.61
7800 Medley Relay127Cummins, S, Farnham, M, Hemmestad, E, Jondle, KSoutheast Valley HS, (05/02)1:57.52

Field Events

#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11Discus439Dolph, KaylaBallard High School (04/26)87-05.00
22Discus455Mills, ShelbySoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (05/02)86-03.00
33Discus756Bethel, AllisonRoland-Story High School (03/28)72-11.50
41High Jump14Fisher, KierstenSoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (05/02)5-04.00
51Long Jump591Johnson, MarlieSoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (05/02)13-10.50
62Long Jump790Hicks, ChloeSoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (04/15)13-01.00
71Shot Put317Dolph, KaylaBallard High School (04/26)32-00.50
82Shot Put629Bethel, AllisonSoutheast Valley HS, Gowrie (04/15)28-04.50
93Shot Put1089Mills, ShelbyHumboldt High School (03/21)23-03.00

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