Johnston Baseball

Class: 4A
Conference: CIML
District: District 8
Overall Record: 36-6
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 85.71%
Conference Record: 29-6
Conference Win %: 82.86%
District Record: 3-0
District Win %: 100.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 Southeast PolkBox ScoreW 7-1Johnston Middle School
05/25/19 BooneBox ScoreW 12-2Johnston Middle School
05/25/19 Lewis CentralBox ScoreW 17-2Johnston Middle School
05/29/19 Sioux City EastBox ScoreW 21-0Carroll Recreation Center
05/31/19 Des Moines RooseveltBox ScoreW 23-4Roosevelt High School
05/31/19 3:30PMDes Moines RooseveltBox ScoreW 11-0Roosevelt High School
06/01/19 Des Moines HooverBox ScoreW 17-0Hoover High School
06/01/19 Des Moines HooverBox ScoreW 22-0Hoover High School
06/03/19 Ankeny CentennialBox ScoreW 14-3Johnston Middle School
06/03/19 Ankeny CentennialBox ScoreW 4-3Johnston Middle School
06/05/19 Fort DodgeBox ScoreW 8-0Johnston Middle School
06/05/19 Fort DodgeBox ScoreW 12-1Johnston Middle School
06/10/19 Dowling CatholicBox ScoreW 4-1Dowling High School
06/10/19 5:00PMDowling CatholicBox ScoreW 6-3Dowling High School
06/12/19 UrbandaleBox ScoreL 7-6Urbandale High School
06/12/19 5:00PMUrbandaleBox ScoreW 6-5Urbandale High School
06/17/19 AmesBox ScoreW 10-0Johnston Middle School
06/17/19 AmesBox ScoreW 7-0Johnston Middle School
06/19/19 AnkenyBox ScoreW 6-5Johnston Middle School
06/19/19 AnkenyBox ScoreL 1-0Johnston Middle School
06/21/19 IndianolaGame PreviewJohnston Middle School
06/21/19 4:45PMMarshalltownGame PreviewJohnston Middle School
06/24/19 Ankeny CentennialBox ScoreL 4-3Ankeny Centennial High School
06/24/19 5:00PMAnkeny CentennialBox ScoreW 12-1Ankeny Centennial High School
06/26/19 Dowling CatholicBox ScoreW 6-1Johnston Middle School
06/26/19 Dowling CatholicBox ScoreW 3-2Johnston Middle School
06/28/19 Dallas Center-GrimesBox ScoreW 11-1Johnston Middle School
07/01/19 UrbandaleBox ScoreL 15-6Johnston Middle School
07/01/19 UrbandaleBox ScoreW 15-8Johnston Middle School
07/02/19 AmesGame PreviewAmes HS Baseball,Softball,Tennis
07/02/19 5:00PMAmesGame PreviewAmes HS Baseball,Softball,Tennis
07/03/19 ValleyGame PreviewJohnston Senior High School
07/03/19 5:00PMValleyGame PreviewJohnston Senior High School
07/08/19 AnkenyBox ScoreL 8-7Ankeny High School
07/08/19 5:00PMAnkenyBox ScoreW 12-0Ankeny High School
07/09/19 BallardBox ScoreW 10-0Johnston Middle School
07/10/19 Des Moines LincolnBox ScoreW 2-0Lincoln High School
07/10/19 3:30PMDes Moines LincolnBox ScoreW 13-3Lincoln RAILS Academy and Sports Complex
07/11/19 CentervilleBox ScoreW 13-1Centerville Sports Complex
07/13/19 AmesBox ScoreW 14-1Ames HS Baseball,Softball,Tennis
07/13/19 AmesBox ScoreW 14-1Ames HS Baseball,Softball,Tennis
07/15/19 7:00PMSoutheast PolkBox ScoreW 11-0Southeast Polk High School
07/16/19 WaukeeBox ScoreW 11-1Waukee Softball/Baseball Complex
07/19/19 8:00PMDes Moines NorthBox ScoreW 19-0Johnston Senior High School
07/24/19 7:00PMIndianolaBox ScoreW 10-0Johnston Senior High School
07/31/19 1:30PMAnkenyBox ScoreW 6-0Principal Park
08/02/19 7:00PMDowling CatholicBox ScoreW 7-0Principal Park
08/03/19 7:00PMUrbandaleBox ScoreL 8-2Principal Park
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Reece Anderson12Senior
Nick Crandell7Junior
Zach Heisterkamp18Senior
Jacob May9Senior
Cade Moss1Senior
Sam Neville23Junior
Andrew Nord6Senior
Evan Risley28Senior
Ben Shaver15Senior
Parker Shupe8Junior
Jacob Swansen22Senior
Jacob Tobey14Senior
Jackson Vines4Senior
Lucas Wakefield30Senior
Peyton Williams24Senior
Ben Wilmes19Sophomore
Riley Clark17Junior
Jacob Draeger27Junior
Jack Hutchison21Junior
Jacob Knox13Junior
Alex Perez28Senior
Jordan Rusch11Junior
Nick Scanlon2Junior
Cooper Smith5Sophomore
Caden Steck20Junior
Jackson Stewart10Junior
Gabe Swansen8Sophomore
Jake Thilges25Junior
Cole MossSophomore

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/192387200568vs Southeast Polk
05/25/192716174141546vs Lewis Central
05/25/193016124021224vs Boone
05/29/192616212131916vs Sioux City East
05/31/192813112031120@ Des Moines Rooseve
05/31/1927152371220212@ Des Moines Rooseve
06/01/192714174001615@ Des Moines Hoover
06/01/192712223102047@ Des Moines Hoover
06/03/192710140241215vs Ankeny Centennial
06/03/1931104200416vs Ankeny Centennial
06/05/1931128210740vs Fort Dodge
06/05/192412122001122vs Fort Dodge
06/10/192654200323@ Dowling Catholic
06/10/1929116102636@ Dowling Catholic
06/12/193376101549@ Urbandale
06/12/192986000616@ Urbandale
06/17/192697311715vs Ames
06/17/1921710120820vs Ames
06/19/192666200515vs Ankeny
06/19/192440100005vs Ankeny
06/24/192673210203@ Ankeny Centennial
06/24/193212125101202@ Ankeny Centennial
06/26/192476011402vs Dowling Catholic
06/26/192063001324vs Dowling Catholic
06/28/19301111000965vs Dallas Center-Gri
07/01/192896210601vs Urbandale
07/01/192811153121117vs Urbandale
07/08/192511123001124@ Ankeny
07/08/1931117210563@ Ankeny
07/09/19311510211931vs Ballard
07/10/193115136011111@ Des Moines Lincoln
07/10/192552010132@ Des Moines Lincoln
07/11/193014134011133@ Centerville
07/13/192512144011336@ Ames
07/13/191881420111810@ Ames
07/15/19311411310814@ Southeast Polk
07/16/19351011402812@ Waukee
07/19/1919111924115106vs Des Moines North
07/24/192612101111025vs Indianola
07/31/192486110636vs Ankeny
08/02/192157100712vs Dowling Catholic
08/03/192982110204vs Urbandale

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