Interstate 35 Baseball

Class: 2A
Conference: Pride of Iowa
District: District 14
Overall Record: 15-15
Winning Streak: L1
Overall Win %: 50.00%
Conference Record: 2-3
Conference Win %: 40.00%
District Record: 6-5
District Win %: 54.55%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 ADMGame PreviewInterstate 35 Secondary School
05/21/19 Van MeterGame PreviewInterstate 35 Secondary School
05/23/19 5:00PMWest Central ValleyBox ScoreW 19-1West Central Valley High School
05/23/19 5:00PMWest Central ValleyBox ScoreW 9-6West Central Valley High School
05/28/19 Des Moines ChristianGame PreviewInterstate 35 Secondary School
05/29/19 7:30PMCrestonGame PreviewCreston High School
05/30/19 Woodward-GrangeBox ScoreL 14-3Interstate 35 Secondary School
05/30/19 5:00PMWoodward-GrangeBox ScoreL 3-2Interstate 35 Secondary School
06/03/19 5:00PMWoodward AcademyBox ScoreW 18-0Woodward Academy
06/04/19 7:00PMPleasantvilleBox ScoreL 9-7Pleasantville High School
06/06/19 5:00PMACGCBox ScoreW 13-1Adair-Casey Jr-Sr High School
06/06/19 5:00PMACGCBox ScoreW 13-12Adair-Casey Jr-Sr High School
06/08/19 10:00AMMount AyrBox ScoreW 18-16Martensdale-St Marys Jr-Sr High School
06/08/19 10:00AMMartensdale-St MarysBox ScoreL 8-1Martensdale-St Marys Jr-Sr High School
06/10/19 EarlhamBox ScoreW 9-0Interstate 35 Secondary School
06/11/19 Van MeterBox ScoreL 16-1Principal Park
06/13/19 5:00PMMadridBox ScoreL 3-1Interstate 35 Secondary School
06/13/19 5:00PMMadridBox ScoreL 8-7Interstate 35 Secondary School
06/14/19 Van MeterBox ScoreL 12-2Interstate 35 Secondary School
06/17/19 5:15PMDes Moines ChristianBox ScoreL 3-1Des Moines Christian
06/18/19 7:00PMDes Moines ChristianBox ScoreW 9-4Interstate 35 Secondary School
06/20/19 OgdenBox ScoreL 10-0Ogden High School
06/20/19 5:00PMOgdenBox ScoreW 5-4Ogden High School
06/22/19 MoraviaGame PreviewMoravia High School
06/22/19 BGM, BrooklynGame PreviewMoravia High School
06/24/19 7:00PMWoodward AcademyBox ScoreW 8-1Interstate 35 Secondary School
06/25/19 5:00PMPleasantvilleGame PreviewInterstate 35 Secondary School
06/27/19 5:00PMPanoramaBox ScoreL 12-1Interstate 35 Secondary School
06/27/19 5:00PMPanoramaBox ScoreL 13-4Interstate 35 Secondary School
06/28/19 7:00PMPleasantvilleBox ScoreL 13-7Interstate 35 Secondary School
07/01/19 Central Decatur, LeonBox ScoreW 12-8Central Decatur MS/Sr High School
07/02/19 EarlhamBox ScoreW 5-3EARLHAM SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL
07/03/19 St. AlbertBox ScoreL 6-0St Albert High School
07/08/19 Colfax-MingoBox ScoreW 12-2Interstate 35 Secondary School
07/09/19 SeymourGame PreviewSeymour High School
07/09/19 SeymourBox ScoreW 2-1Seymour High School
07/16/19 5:00PMPanoramaBox ScoreW 5-4Van Meter Jr-Sr High School
07/20/19 5:00PMVan MeterBox ScoreL 15-0Van Meter Jr-Sr High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Hunter Brant20Sophomore
Chase Darst4Freshman
Gus Mease23Sophomore
Connor Yawn34Sophomore
Lucas Borseth22Junior
Kale Dale25Freshman
Daniel Jurgensen4Sophomore
Sam Vonnahme27Sophomore
Carter Bussanmas14Junior
Colton Palmer21Freshman
Sam Cox3Sophomore
Cristian Roquet28Sophomore
Joey Bregar7Junior
Kyler Kirkpatrick8Freshman
Tryston Palmer10Sophomore
Cody BoyleFreshman
Kale DayFreshman
Logan Cassady2Freshman
Cody Heckman36Senior
Ryan Truman29Junior
Colton Clausen17Senior
Cody Boyd24Freshman
Dustin George9Sophomore
Jack Smith11Junior
Dalton Allen15Junior
Jordan Cummings10Junior
Caleb Hobart26Sophomore
Mick Von Feldt6Junior
Mason Cassady16Senior
Colter Beck1Freshman
Cade Ward18Freshman
Mason Edwards13Junior
Jake Sheeder12Senior

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/23/1928129410835@ West Central Valle
05/23/19382319420837@ West Central Valle
05/30/192673200256vs Woodward-Grange
05/30/1929112200231vs Woodward-Grange
06/03/192212180001498vs Woodward Academy
06/04/193087100726@ Pleasantville
06/06/192416135001214@ ACGC
06/06/19298133007313@ ACGC
06/08/192551100112@ Martensdale-St Mar
06/08/193716184011733vs Mount Ayr
06/10/192569100198vs Earlham
06/11/191881100100@ Van Meter
06/13/192331000114vs Madrid
06/13/193287200616vs Madrid
06/14/192252100221vs Van Meter
06/17/192541100102@ Des Moines Christi
06/18/1929119200834vs Des Moines Christ
06/20/1927115300512@ Ogden
06/20/191620100001@ Ogden
06/24/193088300601vs Woodward Academy
06/27/192654200407vs Panorama
06/27/191731100103vs Panorama
06/28/192867200313vs Pleasantville
07/01/19391412400933@ Central Decatur, L
07/02/192875300568@ Earlham
07/08/1923712200763vs Colfax-Mingo
07/09/192662101205@ Seymour
07/16/193255100478vs Panorama
07/20/191530000011vs Van Meter

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