About Us

TtheRosterMonster.com strives to achieve accurate, and innovative ways to provide Iowa high schools sports information to schools, athletes, and fans through a website portal and a mobile application. The company differentiates itself from others by putting the athletes, teams and customers first, while providing useful data and content to our users. theRosterMonster.com caters to the athletes and schools, regardless of size, and proudly acknowledges and showcases them for their accomplishments and provides the data to back it up.


Matt Getting - President

Matt has over 15 years of IT experience and as a former high school athlete has always been an advocate for the promotion of high school sports and their stories.
Contact Info:
Email: Email
Phone: 515-490-4670

Ray Getting - Data Wizard

Ray, a former high school athlete, has been in data management and is the brains behind the entire operation. Is dedication and ability to analyze and continually innovate has been a key to our success.

Tyler Jensen - Web/Mobile App Developer

Tyler is another crucial piece to the puzzle with his app development skills and ablity to continually build our mobile app to meet your needs.