Glenwood vs Track Meet

@Creston High School
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Overall: 0-0 Conference: 0-0Team Rank: Not Ranked


#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11110 Meter Hurdles186Godbout, BrendenAtlantic High School (04/29)16.27
22110 Meter Hurdles416Belt, OwenLewis Central High School (04/22)17.48
33110 Meter Hurdles426Boldra, TylerMorningside College (04/13)17.55
44110 Meter Hurdles515Nusser, AlexMustang Field and Ray Graves Track (04/08)18.04
511600 Meter Run201McIntyre, SamCarroll Athletic Stadium (05/09)4:47.04
621600 Meter Run439Parks, MasonClarinda High School (04/05)4:57.26
731600 Meter Run440Covington, ParsonCreston High School (03/26)4:57.29
841600 Meter Run591Huey, TylerLewis Central High School (05/02)5:03.71
913200 Meter Run310McIntyre, SamLied Recreation Athletic Center (03/19)10:48.36
1023200 Meter Run375Rohrberg, NathanLewis Central High School (05/02)10:58.36
1133200 Meter Run592Parks, JacobCarroll Athletic Stadium (05/09)11:26.99
1243200 Meter Run686Huey, TylerLewis Central High School (04/22)11:38.39
131400 Meter Hurdles119Godbout, BrendenLewis Central High School (05/02)58.22
142400 Meter Hurdles196Hughes, JackLewis Central High School (05/02)59.66
153400 Meter Hurdles347Hughes, NateCarroll Athletic Stadium (05/09)1:01.62
164400 Meter Hurdles448Boldra, TylerLewis Central High School (04/22)1:02.81
171800 Meter Run273Covington, ParsonRed Oak High School (04/26)2:07.16
182800 Meter Run326Mower, BrettLewis Central High School (04/22)2:08.22
193800 Meter Run488Parks, MasonLewis Central High School (04/22)2:10.76
204800 Meter Run742McIntyre, SamMustang Field and Ray Graves Track (04/08)2:14.59


#RaceSt RnkAthletesLocation (Dt)Mark
11600 Medley Relay153Bales, S, Covington, P, Lee, J, Vondra, ZLied Recreation Athl (03/19)3:52.62
24x100 Meter Relay71Lee, J, Silvius, C, Stanislav, C, Vondra, ZAtlantic High School (04/29)44.82
34x110 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Relay103Belt, O, Berke, B, Godbout, B, Silvius, CLewis Central High S (05/02)1:05.16
44x200 Meter Relay36Bales, S, Hughes, J, Stanislav, C, Vondra, ZLewis Central High S (05/02)1:32.51
54x400 Meter Relay67Bales, S, Covington, P, Hughes, J, Parks, MLewis Central High S (05/02)3:31.81
64x800 Meter Relay40Covington, P, McIntyre, S, Mower, B, Parks, MLewis Central High S (05/02)8:19.79
7800 Medley Relay76Bales, S, Hughes, J, Lee, J, Stanislav, CLewis Central High S (05/02)1:37.57

Field Events

#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11Discus112Peterson, KonnerCarroll Athletic Stadium (05/09)140-03.00
22Discus202Hansen, TreyCarroll Athletic Stadium (05/09)130-02.00
33Discus457Lacy, ZachMustang Field and Ray Graves Track (04/08)114-10.00
44Discus472Plambeck, CarterLewis Central High School (04/22)114-00.00
51High Jump148Stanislav, ChristianCreston High School (03/26)5-10.00
62High Jump237Patton, AustinRed Oak High School (04/26)5-08.00
73High Jump237Smith, BrockLewis Central High School (04/22)5-08.00
84High Jump533Mayberry, MitchMissouri Valley High School (04/04)5-02.00
91Long Jump58Vondra, ZachCarroll Athletic Stadium (05/09)21-01.25
102Long Jump255Robertson, DominicClarinda High School (04/05)19-06.50
113Long Jump486Goos, JacksonGale Wickersham Athletic Complex (04/15)18-06.00
124Long Jump502Thomas, GrantLewis Central High School (04/22)18-05.50
131Shot Put173Peterson, KonnerGale Wickersham Athletic Complex (04/15)45-03.00
142Shot Put173Plambeck, CarterLewis Central High School (05/02)45-03.00
153Shot Put221Watson, KaneLewis Central High School (04/01)44-03.00
164Shot Put430Carda, ZanderMarnie Simons Elementary (04/18)41-00.50

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