Louisa-Muscatine Boys Basketball

Class: 2A
Conference: SEISC
District: District 7
Overall Record: 6-15
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 28.57%
Conference Record: 6-11
Conference Win %: 35.29%
District Record: 2-4
District Win %: 33.33%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
11/30/18 Iowa Mennonite, KalonaBox ScoreL 73-41Louisa-Muscatine High School
12/03/18 WiltonBox ScoreL 63-28Wilton Jr-Sr High School
12/04/18 Lone TreeBox ScoreL 67-57Lone Tree Junior-Senior High School
12/06/18 Burlington Notre DameBox ScoreL 70-37Notre Dame
12/11/18 MediapolisBox ScoreW 62-48Louisa-Muscatine High School
12/13/18 Highland, RiversideBox ScoreL 79-56Highland High School
12/14/18 PekinBox ScoreL 68-43Pekin Community High School
12/18/18 WapelloBox ScoreL 64-48Louisa-Muscatine High School
12/21/18 7:30PMWinfield-Mt UnionBox ScoreW 77-71Winfield-Mt Union Jr-Sr High School
01/04/19 Columbus, Columbus JunctionBox ScoreW 53-45Unknown
01/08/19 Highland, RiversideBox ScoreL 66-52Louisa-Muscatine High School
01/11/19 Iowa Mennonite, KalonaBox ScoreL 66-38Iowa Mennonite School
01/14/19 West LibertyBox ScoreL 50-48Louisa-Muscatine High School
01/15/19 Lone TreeBox ScoreL 70-44Unknown
01/17/19 SigourneyBox ScoreL 74-56Sigourney Jr-Sr High Sch
01/31/19 7:30PMWinfield-Mt UnionBox ScoreW 59-50Louisa-Muscatine High School
02/01/19 Holy Trinity CatholicBox ScoreW 62-55Lone Tree Junior-Senior High School
02/02/19 3:30PMWapelloBox ScoreL 58-53Wapello Senior High School
02/04/19 7:30PMMediapolisBox ScoreL 61-28Mediapolis High School
02/05/19 7:30PMColumbus, Columbus JunctionGame PreviewUnknown
02/08/19 Columbus, Columbus JunctionBox ScoreW 52-45Columbus Junction High School
02/13/19 6:30PMWiltonBox ScoreL 60-48Wapello Senior High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Alex Yerington136-00Senior
Karson Cantrell155-10Senior
Brock Jeambey226-02Junior
Dallas Vasquez236-00Junior
Tyler Carter416-00Senior
Micheal DanzUnknown
Paul HoopesUnknown
Keatyn ValezUnknown
Trey WagnerUnknown
Emmanuel WalkerUnknown
Dawson WehrleUnknown
Jared WoerlyUnknown

Game Team Stats

11/30/18vs Iowa Mennonite, K41251410124
12/03/18@ Wilton28181010310
12/04/18@ Lone Tree5726158217
12/06/18@ Burlington Notre D37239506
12/11/18vs Mediapolis62221416314
12/13/18@ Highland, Riversid5628138117
12/14/18@ Pekin4322115115
12/18/18vs Wapello48193709
12/21/18@ Winfield-Mt Union77201916219
01/04/19vs Columbus, Columbu533479013
01/08/19vs Highland, Riversi523164021
01/11/19@ Iowa Mennonite, Ka383147113
01/14/19vs West Liberty481685016
01/15/19vs Lone Tree44257608
01/17/19@ Sigourney5619129215
01/31/19vs Winfield-Mt Union5929135214
02/01/19vs Holy Trinity Cath6223155417
02/02/19@ Wapello531656018
02/04/19@ Mediapolis28272908
02/08/19@ Columbus, Columbus52231518112

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