Bettendorf Volleyball

Class: 5A
Conference: Mississippi Athletic
Overall Record: 13-9
Winning Streak: L1
Overall Win %: 59.09%
Conference Record: 5-4
Conference Win %: 55.56%
District Record: 9-2
District Win %: 81.82%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
08/27/19 6:30PMDavenport, NorthBox ScoreW 3-1North High School-Davenport
08/29/19 5:30PMPrairie, Cedar RapidsBox ScoreW 2-0North Scott Senior High School
08/29/19 5:30PMCedar Rapids, KennedyBox ScoreW 2-0North Scott Senior High School
08/29/19 5:30PMIowa City, WestBox ScoreW 2-0North Scott Senior High School
09/03/19 6:30PMClintonBox ScoreW 3-0Bettendorf High School
09/07/19 Lewis CentralBox ScoreL 2-1Iowa City High School
09/07/19 Epworth, West DubBox ScoreL 2-0Iowa City High School
09/07/19 9:00AMIowa City, City HighBox ScoreW 2-1Iowa City High School
09/07/19 9:00AMAnkeny CentenBox ScoreW 2-1Iowa City High School
09/10/19 6:30PMNorth Scott, EldridgeBox ScoreL 3-0Bettendorf High School
09/14/19 Epworth, West DubBox ScoreW 2-1Unknown
09/14/19 Union, La Porte CityBox ScoreL 2-0Unknown
09/14/19 10:00AMNorth Scott, EldridgeBox ScoreL 2-1North Scott Senior High School
09/17/19 7:00PMMuscatineBox ScoreW 3-0Bettendorf High School
09/24/19 7:00PMDavenport, AssumpBox ScoreL 3-0Davenport Assumption
09/28/19 North Scott, EldridgeBox ScoreW 2-1Unknown
09/28/19 12:00PMDubuque, SeniorBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/28/19 8:30AMIndependenceBox ScoreL 2-1Hempstead High School
09/28/19 9:00AMIowa City, City HighBox ScoreL 2-1Hempstead High School
09/28/19 9:45AMDavenport, NorthBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/29/19 ADM, AdelBox ScoreW 2-0Dubuque Senior High School
10/01/19 7:00PMPleasant ValleyBox ScoreL 3-0Pleasant Valley High School
10/12/19 MuscatineGame PreviewBettendorf High School
10/12/19 TBDGame PreviewBettendorf High School
10/14/19 6:30PMDavenport, CentralGame PreviewCentral High School (Davenport)
10/21/19 6:30PMDavenport, WestGame PreviewBettendorf High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Game Team Stats

10/01/19vs Pleasant Valley242149104
09/29/19@ ADM, Adel17154477
09/28/19vs Independence252247114
09/28/19vs Davenport, North19183475
09/28/19vs North Scott, Eldridge272646142
09/28/19vs Dubuque, Senior23203596
09/28/19vs Iowa City, City High32275881
09/24/19vs Davenport, Assump211645105
09/17/19vs Muscatine32245655
09/14/19@ North Scott, Eldridge302861143
09/14/19@ Union, La Porte City18143251
09/14/19@ Epworth, West Dub201635129
09/10/19vs North Scott, Eldridge36326594
09/07/19@ Ankeny Centen191645154
09/07/19vs Lewis Central30304372
09/07/19vs Epworth, West Dub1193551
09/07/19vs Iowa City, City High262552123
09/03/19vs Clinton363474142
08/29/19vs Cedar Rapids, Kennedy161017143
08/29/19vs Iowa City, West20191945
08/29/19vs Prairie, Cedar Rapids20152363
08/27/19vs Davenport, North424265145

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