West Central Softball

Class: 1A
Conference: Upper Iowa
Overall Record: 3-25
Winning Streak: L6
Overall Win %: 10.71%
Conference Record: 2-15
Conference Win %: 11.77%
District Record: 3-15
District Win %: 16.67%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/23/19 South WinneshiekBox ScoreL 19-5West Central Sr High School
05/23/19 5:30PMSouth WinneshiekBox ScoreL 15-5West Central Sr High School
05/25/19 9:00AMNorth TamaBox ScoreW 25-10Jesup High School
05/25/19 9:00AMSpringvilleBox ScoreL 9-2Jesup High School
05/29/19 Central ElkaderBox ScoreL 8-6Dittmer Sports Complex (Elkader)
05/29/19 5:30PMCentral ElkaderBox ScoreL 7-3Dittmer Sports Complex (Elkader)
05/31/19 Central CityBox ScoreL 15-2West Central Sr High School
06/03/19 Turkey ValleyBox ScoreL 14-9Maynard City Park
06/03/19 Turkey ValleyBox ScoreL 13-2Maynard City Park
06/04/19 7:30PMDunkertonBox ScoreL 8-7Dunkerton High School
06/06/19 Clayton RidgeBox ScoreL 15-14Maynard City Park
06/06/19 Clayton RidgeBox ScoreL 20-7Maynard City Park
06/07/19 Wapsie ValleyBox ScoreL 8-5Jesup High School
06/07/19 West DelawareBox ScoreL 12-0Jesup High School
06/08/19 Maquoketa ValleyBox ScoreL 15-2Jesup High School
06/08/19 Edgewood-ColesburgBox ScoreL 8-3Jesup High School
06/10/19 North Fayette ValleyBox ScoreL 12-11North Fayette High School
06/10/19 5:30PMNorth Fayette ValleyBox ScoreL 12-3North Fayette High School
06/12/19 MFL-Mar-MacBox ScoreL 13-9Maynard City Park
06/12/19 MFL-Mar-MacBox ScoreL 20-1Maynard City Park
06/20/19 Wapsie ValleyGame PreviewWapsie Valley High School
06/21/19 OelweinGame PreviewWest Central Sr High School
06/21/19 5:30PMOelweinGame PreviewWest Central Sr High School
06/24/19 PostvilleBox ScoreW 14-2Postville (John R Mott) High School
06/24/19 5:30PMPostvilleBox ScoreW 13-1Postville (John R Mott) High School
06/25/19 Sumner-FredericksburgBox ScoreL 13-1Maynard City Park
06/26/19 KeeBox ScoreL 13-1Shooky Fink Field-New Albin
06/26/19 5:30PMKeeBox ScoreL 12-2Kee High School
06/28/19 SpringvilleBox ScoreL 20-10Maynard City Park
07/01/19 5:30PMOelweinBox ScoreL 13-1West Central Sr High School
07/08/19 7:00PMTurkey ValleyBox ScoreL 13-0Turkey Valley Jr-Sr High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Aryel Allwood22Junior
Bryleigh Rouse10Sophomore
Cydara Allwood8Freshman
Naomi Scott9Sophomore
Emma Michels13Freshman
Abby Squires8th
Aaliyah Gordon24Freshman
Rachel Walenceus15Junior
Kailee Rochford2Freshman
Isabell Eitel3Sophomore
Marlee Squires5Sophomore
Rosita Hepperle6Junior
Mikaela KimeFreshman
Elizabeth Hepperle20Freshman
Taylor CareyFreshman

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/23/191535000506@ South Winneshiek
05/23/192045210514@ South Winneshiek
05/25/192032000134vs Springville
05/25/1986250009423@ North Tama
05/29/192776110439@ Central Elkader
05/29/192883110335@ Central Elkader
05/31/191222100104vs Central City
06/03/191982200203vs Turkey Valley
06/03/1930119300844vs Turkey Valley
06/04/192987310656@ Dunkerton
06/06/192567000644vs Clayton Ridge
06/06/1930914200748vs Clayton Ridge
06/07/191010000000vs West Delaware
06/07/192275000413@ Wapsie Valley
06/08/191813000006@ Edgewood-Colesburg
06/08/191932000034vs Maquoketa Valley
06/10/19331211000745@ North Fayette Vall
06/10/193083010322@ North Fayette Vall
06/12/191641000112vs MFL-Mar-Mac
06/12/1935109000776vs MFL-Mar-Mac
06/24/19241113201603@ Postville
06/24/191912141101223@ Postville
06/25/191531000006@ Sumner-Fredericksb
06/26/191722000213@ Kee
06/26/192041000122@ Kee
06/28/19311110200716vs Springville
07/01/192021100112vs Oelwein

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