Sergeant Bluff-Luton Softball

Class: 4A
Conference: Missouri River
Overall Record: 27-7
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 79.41%
Conference Record: 12-0
Conference Win %: 100.00%
District Record: 6-3
District Win %: 66.67%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 Spirit LakeBox ScoreL 11-7Spirit Lake High School
05/23/19 4:00PMSioux City EastGame PreviewEast High School (Sioux City)
05/24/19 6:00PMEstherville Lincoln CentralBox ScoreW 10-2Sioux City SYA Riverfront Sports Complex
05/25/19 LeMarsBox ScoreW 9-6LeMars High School
05/25/19 10:00AMLawton-BronsonBox ScoreW 8-0Sioux City SYA Riverfront Sports Complex
05/29/19 HarlanBox ScoreW 6-4Sergeant Bluff Baseball/Softball Complex
05/30/19 Bishop HeelanBox ScoreW 2-1Sergeant Bluff Baseball/Softball Complex
06/01/19 BHRVBox ScoreW 9-5Sheldon High School
06/01/19 Sioux CenterBox ScoreL 8-2Sheldon High School
06/01/19 West LyonBox ScoreW 10-3Sheldon High School
06/03/19 4:00PMSioux City WestBox ScoreW 16-3West High School-Sioux City
06/04/19 7:30PMCouncil Bluffs LincolnBox ScoreW 7-0Sergeant Bluff Baseball/Softball Complex
06/06/19 4:00PMSioux City NorthBox ScoreW 11-4North High School-Sioux City
06/07/19 HintonBox ScoreW 3-1Gehlen Catholic High School
06/07/19 12:45PMAkron-WestfieldBox ScoreW 7-4LeMars High School
06/11/19 7:15PMLogan-MagnoliaBox ScoreW 2-1Sergeant Bluff Baseball/Softball Complex
06/13/19 Sioux City WestBox ScoreW 12-0Sergeant Bluff Baseball/Softball Complex
06/14/19 3:45PMMOC-Floyd ValleyBox ScoreW 13-7MOC-Floyd Valley High School
06/15/19 Denison-SchleswigBox ScoreW 11-1Denison High School
06/15/19 Logan-MagnoliaBox ScoreW 8-3Denison High School
06/17/19 Council Bluffs JeffersonBox ScoreW 21-1Wickersham Athletic Complex- Council Bluffs
06/17/19 5:30PMCouncil Bluffs JeffersonBox ScoreW 17-2Gale Wickersham Athletic Complex, Council Bluffs
06/18/19 Sioux City EastBox ScoreW 7-6Sergeant Bluff Baseball/Softball Complex
06/19/19 Lewis CentralBox ScoreW 10-0Sergeant Bluff Baseball/Softball Complex
06/20/19 6:00PMLeMarsBox ScoreL 10-1Sergeant Bluff-Luton Senior High School
06/21/19 Sioux City NorthBox ScoreW 6-2Sergeant Bluff Baseball/Softball Complex
06/25/19 4:00PMBishop HeelanBox ScoreW 11-4Bishop Heelan High School
06/27/19 6:00PMCouncil Bluffs LincolnBox ScoreW 21-2Wickersham Athletic Complex- Council Bluffs
06/29/19 Newell-FondaBox ScoreL 15-2Storm Lake High School
06/29/19 Ridge ViewBox ScoreW 8-5Ridge View High School
06/29/19 TreynorBox ScoreL 1-0Storm Lake High School
07/01/19 7:30PMWoodbury CentralBox ScoreW 13-3Woodbury Central High School
07/02/19 7:00PMSioux City EastBox ScoreW 6-1East High School (Sioux City)
07/08/19 GlenwoodBox ScoreL 6-5Glenwood Senior High School
07/13/19 7:00PMDenison-SchleswigBox ScoreL 6-3Sergeant Bluff Baseball/Softball Complex
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Chloe Black4Junior
Whitney Schlotfeldt22Junior
Olivia WegnerFreshman
Kinzey Foley45Junior
Kylie Kerr15Sophomore
Addy BrownFreshman
Addie Mosier7Freshman
Emma Salker11Freshman
Ella Skinner8th
Madelyn Mogensen42Senior
Abby Lewis3Sophomore
Lindsay ParmaleeSophomore
Tahlia DeitloffSophomore
Emma Christensen28Junior

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/1930107300615@ Spirit Lake
05/24/19261010200914vs Estherville Linco
05/25/192669110505@ LeMars
05/25/1927108010444vs Lawton-Bronson
05/29/192386101502vs Harlan
05/30/192342001221vs Bishop Heelan
06/01/192559001503vs BHRV
06/01/192342010202@ Sioux Center
06/01/19291210311803@ West Lyon
06/03/193818161201352@ Sioux City West
06/04/192987010622vs Council Bluffs Li
06/06/19401211100531@ Sioux City North
06/07/1929127000501vs Akron-Westfield
06/07/192463000355vs Hinton
06/11/191922000024vs Logan-Magnolia
06/13/192712121011235vs Sioux City West
06/14/193314133021313@ MOC-Floyd Valley
06/15/193188200702@ Logan-Magnolia
06/15/19241011000716@ Denison-Schleswig
06/17/193521216112063@ Council Bluffs Jef
06/17/193516171001555@ Council Bluffs Jef
06/18/1928127102621@ Sioux City East
06/19/1926910202731vs Lewis Central
06/20/192661100100vs LeMars
06/21/192476101420vs Sioux City North
06/25/19351311110842@ Bishop Heelan
06/27/192817213001826@ Council Bluffs Lin
06/29/192998400721@ Ridge View
06/29/192310000000@ Treynor
06/29/191722000200@ Newell-Fonda
07/01/194015133001334@ Woodbury Central
07/02/193096300300@ Sioux City East
07/08/193195100332@ Glenwood
07/13/192553200305vs Denison-Schleswig

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