Parker Kiewiet  Boys Track

Name: Parker Kiewiet
School: Dike-New Hartford High School
College Status:
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Team: Dike-New Hartford
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05/10/192A-District 8 State QualLong Jump22-11.25
05/06/192019 Boys Falcon InvitationalLong JumpHeat 221-05.0028.00
05/06/192019 Boys Falcon Invitational800 Medley RelayFinals - Heat 31:36.09110.00
04/29/19Denver HS Coed April 29, 2019Long Jump21-02.50110.00
04/29/19Denver HS Coed April 29, 2019200 Meter DashHeat 423.5236.00
04/29/19Denver HS Coed April 29, 2019400 Meter DashHeat 252.6636.00
04/29/19Denver HS Coed April 29, 2019800 Medley Relay1:37.11110.00
04/24/192019 Drake RelaysLong JumpHeat 222-08.0010.00
04/24/192019 Drake Relays4x200 Meter RelayHeat 11:30.94150.00
04/24/192019 Drake Relays4x400 Meter Relay3:27.8281.00
04/23/19South Tama Varsity InvLong JumpHeat 221-08.75110.00
04/23/19South Tama Varsity Inv400 Meter DashHeat 351.20110.00
04/23/19South Tama Varsity Inv4x100 Meter RelayHeat 345.5028.00
04/23/19South Tama Varsity Inv4x400 Meter RelayHeat 33:31.00110.00
04/23/19South Tama Varsity Inv4x800 Meter Relay8:37.40110.00
04/05/19Dave Sage Relays April 5, 2019800 Meter Run2:06.7736.00
04/05/19Dave Sage Relays April 5, 2019800 Medley Relay1:45.1654.00
Parker Kiewiet4x200 Meter Relay1:30.7220
Parker Kiewiet4x400 Meter Relay3:22.707
Parker Kiewiet800 Medley Relay1:35.0527
Parker Kiewiet800 Meter Run2:06.77253
Parker KiewietLong Jump22-11.252

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