Easton Valley Girls Basketball

Class: 1A
Conference: Tri-Rivers
District: Region 4
Overall Record: 15-7
Winning Streak: L1
Overall Win %: 68.18%
Conference Record: 12-6
Conference Win %: 66.67%
District Record: 5-4
District Win %: 55.56%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
11/20/18 6:00PMBellevue Marquette CatholicBox ScoreL 44-42Easton Valley High School
11/27/18 6:00PMSpringvilleBox ScoreW 50-40Easton Valley High School
11/30/18 StarmontBox ScoreW 61-28Starmont High School
12/04/18 6:00PMEast BuchananBox ScoreL 56-32Easton Valley High School
12/07/18 6:00PMCentral CityBox ScoreW 56-38Central City High School
12/08/18 AlburnettBox ScoreL 59-49Easton Valley High School
12/13/18 4:30PMBellevueBox ScoreL 59-35Bellevue High School
12/14/18 6:00PMCedar Valley ChristianBox ScoreW 64-24Easton Valley High School
12/17/18 5:30PMFulton HighBox ScoreW 73-67Fulton High School
12/18/18 6:00PMPrince Of Peace PrepBox ScoreW 60-37Prince of Peace Catholic School
12/20/18 Calamus-WheatlandBox ScoreL 57-49Calamus-Wheatland Activity Center
01/04/19 6:00PMLisbonBox ScoreW 63-48Easton Valley High School
01/07/19 6:15PMClayton Ridge, GuttenbergBox ScoreW 57-22Clayton Ridge High School
01/08/19 Midland, WyomingBox ScoreW 37-34Midland Middle/High School
01/11/19 6:00PMBellevue Marquette CatholicBox ScoreL 64-52Marquette High School, Bellevue
01/12/19 Fulton HighBox ScoreW 54-46Unknown
01/15/19 6:00PMCedar Valley ChristianBox ScoreW 63-29Springville Secondary School
01/21/19 6:00PMCalamus-WheatlandBox ScoreW 63-52Easton Valley High School
01/25/19 6:00PMPrince Of Peace PrepGame PreviewEaston Valley High School
02/01/19 6:00PMLisbonBox ScoreW 53-28Lisbon High School
02/02/19 6:00PMMidland, WyomingBox ScoreW 45-31Easton Valley High School
02/04/19 Prince Of Peace PrepBox ScoreW 72-57Easton Valley High School
02/13/19 7:00PMClass 1A - Region 4Box ScoreL 52-46Easton Valley High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Sadie Zaruba025-10Senior
Sydney Stoll105-02Junior
Sarah Driscoll245-01Junior
Delaney Bormann305-03Junior
RaeAnn Carlson326-00Junior
Paige Thines345-05Sophomore
Calli Beck425-06Junior
Sydney McNeil445-05Sophomore
Liviah Johnson505-09Sophomore
Keirra Messerich505-03Junior
Kierra MesserichUnknown
Renee HartungUnknown
Maddi KlemmeUnknown

Game Team Stats

11/20/18vs Bellevue Marquett422297617
11/27/18vs Springville5042912014
11/30/18@ Starmont61451815318
12/04/18vs East Buchanan324083310
12/07/18@ Central City56461416210
12/08/18vs Alburnett49431510416
12/13/18@ Bellevue352676414
12/14/18vs Cedar Valley Chri64331416512
12/17/18@ Fulton High73331118520
12/18/18@ Prince Of Peace Pr6039159518
12/20/18@ Calamus-Wheatland49421310223
01/04/19vs Lisbon63341810916
01/07/19@ Clayton Ridge, Gut57261517213
01/08/19@ Midland, Wyoming3732137012
01/11/19@ Bellevue Marquette522388321
01/12/19vs Fulton High54351016918
01/15/19@ Cedar Valley Chris6339151446
01/21/19vs Calamus-Wheatland6330179313
02/01/19@ Lisbon5337148614
02/02/19vs Midland, Wyoming4531116516
02/04/19vs Prince Of Peace P7238246622
02/13/19vs Calamus-Wheatland4633103423

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