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Johnston vs Dowling Catholic

Dowling, 9-1, is coming into this matchup as first in the CIML in offense averaging 595 yards and defense, only allowing 288 yards.  Johnston, also 7-1, is averaging 396 yards on offense and allowing 362 yards on defense.  Both teams rely heavily on the run game.  Dowling’s ground and pound game is averaging 321 yards a game behind Jayson Murray (8.71 YPC avg) and Blake Clark (7 YPC avg).  Blake Clark is also averaging 162 passing yards a game with a QB rating of 253.  Johnston’s averages about 250 yards on the ground.  Johnston’s offense will rely heavily on Andrew Nord (6.88 YPC avg) and Nuutele Davis (5.25 YPC avg) to carry the workload.  Andrew Nord is a is also passing for close to 100 yards a game and has a QB rating of 135.  This is going to be a great, grind-it-out type of game between two teams with a solid rushing attack and defenses that can hold their own.

 Johnston vs Dowling Game Preview By the Numbers

Lewis Central vs Ankeny Centennial

 Lewis Central is coming into this game at 9-1 and Centennial is sitting at 8-2.  Centennial is averaging 420 yards a game on offense and holding opposing defenses to 308 yards a game.  Centennial’s game plan  will be a run by committee ground attack.  The 4 primary backs are Jensen Gates, Chance Gibbons, Gabe Godwin and Zach Mills.  Lewis Central is averaging 406 yards a game on offense and only giving up 292 yards on defense. Lewis’ Central’s ground game is based on the ability of dual QB Max Duggan who is averaging 6.18 yard a carry. He will get some help from DeAnthony Bridgeford who is averaging 6.2 yards a carry.  On paper, these teams match up pretty evenly and will be based on who can stop the run most effectively. 

 Lewis Central vs Ankeny Centennial Game Preview By the Numbers




Ankeny Centennial vs Dowling Catholic

 Round 2 of Ankeny Centennial vs Dowling at the UNI-Dome is going to be one for the ages.   Centennial gave Dowling it’s only loss this year back on 10/13 with a score of 22-19.  Since that game, both teams have gone on to be undefeated and dominating teams on their way.  Dowling’s offense is outputting 575 of total offense and relies heavily on Blake Clark who is averaging almost 6 yards a carry and Teagan Johnson who averages 8.71 yards a carry to get their usual 306 yards on the ground.  Dowling also has a reputable passing game averaging 170 yards a game. Blake Clark is playing ‘lights out’ at QB with a 250 QB rating.

 Centennial comes into the game averaging 430 yard a game with a majority of their yards, 275, on the ground.  I would expect Gabe Goodwin, who averages 6 yards a carry, and Jensen Gates, who averages 11 yards carry, to grind out the yards on the ground. Chance Gibbons will lead the passing game. He’s averaging 71 yards a game with a QB rating of 120.


Both defenses are absolutely suffocating offenses.  Centennial’s defense only gives us 308 yards a game while Dowling is only allowing 288 yards a game.

 This is going to a ground and pound game with defenses holding their ground.  If Centennial can contain Blake Clark this is going to be anyone’s game.


Ankeny Centennial vs Dowling Catholic Game Preview by the Numbers


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Welcome to the new  We have listened to your requests and completely revamped the site to meet your needs.  As fans, athletes.. and schools, our mission is to provide you with a one-stop shop for all your high school sports needs that can be accessed on your phone or desktop.  Below are some key features:

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The Drake Relays is a annual meet that brings the top talent in the state of Iowa and across the globe for great races. The Blue Oval has been a staple for the Des Moines area for many years.  On a picture perfect day on Friday and less than ideal day on Saturday with high winds and rain, the athletes came to compete.  Let's take a look at the winners for girls


100 Meter Hurdles - Darby Thomas - 14:30
100 Meter Dash - Kerris Roberts - 11:82
800 Meter - Mackenzie Michael - 2:09:88  
400 Meter Hurdles = Janette Schraft - 1:03:21
1500 Meter Run - Marie Hostetler - 4:38:14

Congratulations ladies.  Be sure to check out girl's track Top Performers, Event Leaders, and Meet results on the Girls Track page



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For the 2nd consecutive season, Waukee has won the 3A State Boys Soccer tournament and caps off a perfect 23-0 win.  CJ Coppola, Edi Cokovic, and Justin Crawmer all had 1 goal a piece to seal the 3-1 victory.  '


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Freshman Ashlyn Keeney is a phenomenal track star for Iowa City, Liberty.  Ashlyn ranks 1st in the 1500 and 3000 with times of 4:32:.98 and 9:39:64 respectively.  She also ranks 2nd in the 800 with a time of 2:09.99.  She has been running with Iowa Speed for the past 8 years.

In 2016 Ashlyn was diagnosed with Celiac disease.  Celiac disease is the inability to absorb  nutrients in foods with gluten and can lead to malnourishment and loss of bone density.  The challenges it arises for Asylyn is she needs to be sure to finds gluten free foods while travelling with the team.  If she accidentally has food with gluten it would slow her down and maybe not allow her to run at all.

Luckily, if Ashlyn stays gluten-free her training and racing is not effected at all.  She has incredible support from her family, friends and coaches.  Her friends always remind her, "Wait! is that gluten free" and her coaches and family help her to find gluten free snacks and places to eat.

Ashlyln is so positive and considers it more on an inconvenience than an adversity. "I try and stay positive, push through, and learn from the experience". Be sure to check out Ashlyn's profile here



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The 2019 North Linn Baseball team is currently 25-1 with their lone loss to Beckman, Dysrville.  North Linn has multi-sports athletes that understand what it takes to compete at a high-level consistently day in and day out.  The team is so successful because of the big game experience of the current roster and excellent team leadership which is spearheaded by Jake Hilmer, arguably the best player in the state.  When you look at the team, they are leading in almost all categories including hits(288), RBIs(217), and 3rd in stolen bases with 150.  

On the individual level, 4 players from North LInn lead the state in hits. Jake Hilmer(51), David Seber(43), Austin Hilmer(42) and Travor Boge(41).  Jake also leads the state in stolen bases with 42.  These players also often show up on our 'Top Performers of the Week'.

The strength of the team is pitching.  "We have a lot of kids coming back this year with experience.  We can go deeper than most small schools can with our pitching staff and we have the luxury of having 4 or 5 kids we can throw out there in any game and know they will compete and give us a chance to win on any given night." says Coach Griff, North Linn's head coach.  

The team is currently heading into Tri-Rivers conference play with a lot of challenges ahead of them with formidable opponents such as Calamus Wheatland, Alburnett, and Midland.  The Tri-Rivers is a strong conference and it would be a huge accomplishment to come out on top.

Check out their Team Page for more information, including schedules, rosters, box scores, game previews, and more.

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Waukee softball is having an incredible 2019 season with a 23-1 overall record, 16-1 in conference play and ranked #1 in Class 5A.  They are also ranked 2nd in the state in hits with 311 hits and 4th in RBIs with 204.   Coach Eby's team focuses on a team centric culture. "We attribute our success this year to the team's ability to focus on the team instead of individual success.  We talk about the progression and journey to get were we want to be.".  

The CIML is one of the toughest conferences in the state and each team comes in ready to win every night.  Waukee's focus is the be consistently mentally and physically ready for every game.  They also attribute their success to not overlooking anyone.

Waukee's strength is their infectious energy in the dugout and the field.  All the players are on the same page with their goals and the road map of how to achieve those goals.  

With a mission of 'One Team, One Mission, 84.7, they are destined to do great things in the road to a state championship.  The 84.7 is the distance between Waukee and Fort Dodge.

Check out Waukee's Team Page



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Johnston's baseball team is one the best in the state with a #1 ranking in Class 4A with a 19-3 record and playing in one of the toughest conferences in the state, the CIML.  After missing the repeat of the 2017 championship team, they're focusing on getting back to the top this season.  They attribute their success this season to the work they put in the offseason and the daily decisions they make as a team to improve.  

As far as conference play goes, Johnston knows that every game is a battle and  every team has 1 or 2 players that can dominate the mound in any given game.  The focus is is not taking the day off on any given game and to keep focused on the end goal.

This team doesn't need any extra motivation according to Johnston's coach, Michael Barta.  "They have a clear goal and understand what it takes to get it done".  

 Johnston currently ranks 2nd in the state in home runs with 22, 6th with 230 hits and 4 in RBIs with 206.  The strength of this team is veteran leadership - particularly Peyton Williams and Andrew Nord.  Both of these guys have experience at the highest level with 3 state tourney appearances and 1 state championship.  Another competitive advantage Johnston possesses is a strong competitive mindset and desire to compete on a daily basis.

Coach Barta sets the mindset for the team to "outwork everyone on our schedule, bring energy to the ballpark, and represent our school and town in a way previous players would be proud of".

 Be sure to check out Johnston's team page to learn more - Johnston Baseball Team Page




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As summer training for the off-season ramps up and training camps for fall sports start in the upcoming weeks, it's important to conscientiousness of the importance of hydration and taking care of yourself during the peak heat season.  A lot of athletes try to 'tough' it out and fight through it.  Doing this will leave you feeling like garbage and hurt your performance.  As an endurance athlete,  I've under hydrated and get turned sideways and struggle to get back on track or endure an unneeded sufferfest.   Essentially, not getting enough water causes your blood to thicken which causes your heart to work harder and beat faster.  If your training dehydrated, your performance will suffer.

So, let's go over the signs of dehydration,:

- headaches
- nausea
- muscle cramping
- elevated heart rate
- dizziness
- fatigue
- stomach issues(feeling terrible)

So, how can you prevent dehydration:

- train in the morning or evening
- consistent water breaks - waiting til your thirsty is too late
- When you're not training, drink often.  
- A good way to tell if you're hydrated is looking at your urine, the clearer the better
-  Pre-workout and post workout include a drink with electrolytes like Gatorade or Powerade.  I prefer Nuun.  Lots of flavors and it doesn't bog you down like the other sports drink might.
- Listen to your body.

A good test to see if you're drinking enough during training is to weigh yourself with minimal clothes on before your workout.  After your workout, weigh yourself again the same way you did pre-workout.  You should be 1-2 lbs within your initial weight.  Here is an example:

Pre-workout weight: 175 lbs

Post workout weight: 172 lbs
During workout: drank 32 ounces of water = 2 lbs

Final workout weight = 174

If you're under 2 lbs, you're not hydrating enough.

Good luck training and have a great 2019-2020 season.



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Waukee is the fastest growing school district in Iowa with an additional 2,311 students between 2013 and fall 2018.  With the new growth, Waukee is opening a new high school, Waukee Northwest in the fall of 2021.  To get an insight on the impact of the new high school would have on athletics I talked with Jim Duea, Athletic Director for Waukee.  "Obviously, the opportunities for athletic and fine arts participation will essentially double for our students."

When asked about the potential loss of competitiveness due to essentially spreading the most talented athletes across two schools Duea responded, "I think one of the reasons for our success in recent years has been a result of high participation numbers.  Cutting those numbers in half will have an affect on us from a competitive standpoint, but I think we will still have the ability to be successful in many sports.  The success of both of our middle schools would indicate that we will be able to be competitive in both high schools."

In the past decade there has been a trend of kids attending a smaller district for the opportunity for more playing time.  Between 1990 and early 2000s, kids attending WDM Valley would attend Waukee for the opportunity for more playing time.  Since then, athletes have migrated from Waukee school district to a smaller setting for the chance of more playing time.  With the new school, hopefully this will end the trend and athletes will have the opportunity they seek.

There are many opportunities to expanding to 2 schools, one of the biggest is meaningful participation.   "I think we have tried hard and done a pretty good job of offering participation opportunities for all of our athletes, but often times that was in a JV or JV2 setting.  Now many of those JV athletes will have the opportunity to compete at the varsity level" said Duea.  

Often with adding an additional school, challenges will appear and hurdles to appear.  When I addressed the question to Duea, he responded, "In some cases, handling adversity and less success will be difficult.  We have been fortunate in recent years to have a tremendous amount of success at the conference and state level.  That will not come as easy with two athletic programs. A challenge for the new high school will be establishing its own identity and culture."

With the new high school, opportunities for greater participation and successfully handling growth will be exciting for athletes and will be a positive for the continued growth of Waukee.  

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