Camanche @ Track Meet

@Clinton High School
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Overall: 0-0 Conference: 0-0Team Rank: Not Ranked


#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11100 Meter Dash432Seeser, EmyCamanche High School (04/29)13.70
22100 Meter Dash582Osaro, SarahCamanche High School (04/29)13.90
33100 Meter Dash987Blinkinsop, RubieBellevue Middle + High School (04/18)14.35
44100 Meter Dash1314Moore, DasanaNortheast Community School District (03/28)14.75
51100 Meter Hurdles1158Saxon, CamrynCamanche High School (04/29)21.42
611500 Meter Run467Low, MarkeeNortheast Community School District (03/28)5:43.27
721500 Meter Run1248Jacobo, KamillaUniversity of Dubuque (02/26)7:01.46
831500 Meter Run1297Sloane, MaddyUniversity of Dubuque (02/26)7:22.07
91400 Meter Dash837Sloane, MaddyNortheast Community School District (03/28)1:09.07
102400 Meter Dash1066Jacobo, KamillaCamanche High School (05/02)1:10.55
113400 Meter Dash1158Low, MarkeeNortheast Community School District (03/28)1:11.12
124400 Meter Dash1633Dodson, DanikaCamanche High School (04/29)1:14.70
131800 Meter Run142Jacobo, KamillaCentral DeWitt High School (04/15)2:29.79
142800 Meter Run771Sloane, Maddy (04/09)2:46.58
153800 Meter Run1736Kinkaid, Ann (03/16)3:15.84


#RaceSt RnkAthletesLocation (Dt)Mark
11600 Medley Relay203Osaro, S, Seeser, E, Sloane, M, Sloane, MCamanche High School (05/02)4:49.37
24x100 Meter Relay177Moore, D, Osaro, S, Seeser, E, Sloane, MCentral DeWitt High (04/15)54.38
34x200 Meter Relay213Moore, D, Osaro, S, Seeser, E, Sloane, MUniversity of Dubuqu (03/23)1:57.92
44x400 Meter Relay284Low, M, Moore, D, Sloane, M, Sloane, MUniversity of Dubuqu (03/21)4:54.18
54x800 Meter Relay241Jacobo, K, Kinkaid, A, Low, M, Sloane, MUniversity of Dubuqu (02/26)12:09.46
6800 Medley Relay216Moore, D, Osaro, S, Seeser, E, Sloane, MBeckman Catholic Hig (04/05)2:01.69

Field Events

#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11Discus510Beal, AbbyCamanche High School (04/29)83-07.00
22Discus698Kenneavy, AllisonCamanche High School (04/29)75-05.00
33Discus726Kinkaid, AnnCamanche High School (04/29)74-04.00
41High Jump125Seeser, EmyCamanche High School (04/29)4-11.00
52High Jump329Saxon, CamrynUniversity of Dubuque (03/21)4-06.00
61Long Jump48Seeser, EmyBellevue Middle + High School (04/18)16-10.25
72Long Jump613Dodson, Danika (03/11)13-09.00
81Shot Put133Beal, AbbyBellevue Middle + High School (04/18)35-04.00
92Shot Put251Kenneavy, AllisonBellevue Middle + High School (04/18)33-02.00

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