Dunkerton Boys Basketball

Class: 1A
Conference: Iowa Star
District: District 5
Overall Record: 20-5
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 80.00%
Conference Record: 16-1
Conference Win %: 94.12%
District Record: 6-0
District Win %: 100.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
11/27/18 8:00PMDon Bosco, GilbertvilleBox ScoreW 75-66Dunkerton High School
11/30/18 8:00PMTripoliBox ScoreW 80-49Dunkerton High School
12/07/18 8:00PMRicevilleBox ScoreW 64-32Riceville High School
12/11/18 8:00PMWaterloo Christian SchoolBox ScoreW 99-43Dunkerton High School
12/14/18 8:00PMJanesvilleBox ScoreL 56-54Dunkerton High School
12/15/18 8:00PMDenverBox ScoreL 79-64Denver Athletic Complex
12/18/18 8:00PMClarksvilleBox ScoreW 63-53Clarksville High School
12/20/18 8:00PMPostvilleBox ScoreW 81-25Postville (John R Mott) High School
01/04/19 8:00PMGMG, GarwinBox ScoreW 81-61Dunkerton High School
01/05/19 6:00PMMeskwaki Settlement SchoolBox ScoreW 87-66Meskwaki Athletic Complex
01/08/19 8:00PMDon Bosco, GilbertvilleBox ScoreW 73-67Don Bosco High School
01/11/19 4:00PMTripoliBox ScoreW 66-28Tripoli Middle/Sr High School
01/14/19 8:00PMGladbrook-ReinbeckBox ScoreL 62-60Dunkerton High School
01/15/19 7:30PMColo-NescoBox ScoreW 79-32Dunkerton High School
01/17/19 RicevilleBox ScoreW 77-29Dunkerton High School
01/25/19 8:00PMJanesvilleBox ScoreW 77-61Janesville Junior-Senior High School
01/26/19 Waterloo Christian SchoolBox ScoreW 86-43Waterloo Christian School
02/01/19 8:00PMNorth TamaBox ScoreW 81-62Dunkerton High School
02/02/19 4:00PMHudsonBox ScoreW 62-38Upper Iowa University - Dorman Gym
02/04/19 Grundy CenterBox ScoreL 70-68Dunkerton High School
02/08/19 6:15PMClarksvilleBox ScoreW 78-53Dunkerton High School
02/14/19 8:00PMStarmontBox ScoreW 85-39Dunkerton High School
02/19/19 8:00PMSouth WinneshiekBox ScoreW 60-58Dunkerton High School
02/21/19 7:00PMDon Bosco, GilbertvilleBox ScoreW 61-50Oelwein High School
02/23/19 7:00PMPrince Of PeaceBox ScoreL 63-60Midland Middle/High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Matt Wheeler105-07Junior
Riley Tisue206-01Junior
Tylin WilliamsUnknown
Zach Johnson6-00Senior
Cameron QuigleyUnknown
Jared Salisbury505-11Senior
Kaden BehrensUnknown
Jake KennedyUnknown
Brady Stone4/6-00Senior
Brody Rygel405-09Junior
Kolby RichUnknown
Jacob BrandtUnknown
Brady Happel226-01Senior
Gabe HeidemanUnknown

Game Team Stats

11/27/18vs Don Bosco, Gilber75361714420
11/30/18vs Tripoli80401719420
12/07/18@ Riceville64361533217
12/11/18vs Waterloo Christia99322526018
12/14/18vs Janesville54351011214
12/15/18@ Denver6428147620
12/18/18@ Clarksville63301712120
12/20/18@ Postville8135222124
01/04/19vs GMG, Garwin81472213118
01/05/19@ Meskwaki Settlemen8734208211
01/08/19@ Don Bosco, Gilbert73331412615
01/11/19@ Tripoli66351217017
01/14/19vs Gladbrook-Reinbec60341018118
01/15/19vs Colo-Nesco7933242439
01/17/19vs Riceville77232221010
01/25/19@ Janesville77241519116
01/26/19@ Waterloo Christian86312315315
02/01/19vs North Tama81321519120
02/02/19vs Hudson62291512419
02/04/19vs Grundy Center68281412019
02/08/19vs Clarksville78411611114
02/14/19vs Starmont85412720310
02/19/19vs South Winneshiek6037811217
02/21/19vs Don Bosco, Gilber61241517317
02/23/19vs Prince Of Peace6031157019

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