South Tama Girls Basketball

Class: 3A
Conference: WaMaC
District: Region 7
Overall Record: 12-8
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 60.00%
Conference Record: 10-6
Conference Win %: 62.50%
District Record: 2-1
District Win %: 66.67%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
11/20/18 Central DeWittBox ScoreL 47-33Central High School (DeWitt)
11/26/18 GrinnellBox ScoreL 66-46Grinnell Community Senior High School
11/27/18 Mount VernonBox ScoreW 49-45Mount Vernon High School
11/30/18 Beckman, DyersvilleBox ScoreW 44-40South Tama County High School
12/04/18 MarionBox ScoreL 65-25South Tama County High School
12/07/18 MaquoketaBox ScoreL 57-53Maquoketa Community High School
12/11/18 Center Point-UrbanaBox ScoreL 58-20South Tama County High School
12/14/18 West Delaware, ManchesterBox ScoreW 49-36West Delaware High School
12/18/18 Vinton-ShellsburgBox ScoreW 71-41South Tama County High School
12/21/18 IndependenceBox ScoreW 61-20South Tama County High School
01/04/19 Clear Creek-AmanaBox ScoreL 47-36Clear Creek Amana High School
01/08/19 BentonBox ScoreW 39-35South Tama County High School
01/11/19 WilliamsburgBox ScoreW 60-52South Tama County High School
01/15/19 Vinton-ShellsburgBox ScoreW 59-21Vinton-Shellsburg High School
01/18/19 Center Point-UrbanaGame PreviewSouth Tama County High School
01/25/19 BentonBox ScoreW 37-34Benton Community Senior High School
01/31/19 Grundy CenterGame PreviewGrundy Center High School
01/31/19 Clear Creek-AmanaGame PreviewSouth Tama County High School
02/01/19 7:30PMWilliamsburgBox ScoreW 55-51Williamsburg Jr-Sr High School
02/04/19 7:30PMCenter Point-UrbanaBox ScoreL 63-32Center Point-Urbana High School
02/05/19 7:30PMIndependenceGame PreviewIndependence Junior Senior High School
02/07/19 7:00PMSolonGame PreviewSolon High School
02/09/19 7:00PMEddyville-BlakesburgBox ScoreW 64-30South Tama County High School
02/13/19 7:00PMCentervilleBox ScoreW 69-35Knoxville High School
02/16/19 5:30PMNorth PolkBox ScoreL 72-34Pleasantville High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Carissa Musgrave3/5-07Sophomore
Jaelin Berger4/5-11Senior
Abbie Morgan5/5-10Senior
Jessica Musgrave115-09Senior
Tylese Rosenberger125-05Sophomore
Makayla Backen155-06Junior
Shelby Slaven205-06Sophomore
Madison Rohach235-08Senior
Enriqueta Diego255-06Senior
Taylor Ray335-08Senior
Zoee Buffalo405-10Senior
Aubrey Roberts445-08Sophomore
Espy WaseskukUnknown
Adriana CerantesUnknown
Jennica HickmanUnknown
Neena LasleyUnknown

Game Team Stats

11/20/18@ Central DeWitt332386211
11/26/18@ Grinnell463672714
11/27/18@ Mount Vernon49351041015
11/30/18vs Beckman, Dyersvil4422105711
12/04/18vs Marion25195616
12/07/18@ Maquoketa5334128326
12/11/18vs Center Point-Urba202828621
12/14/18@ West Delaware, Man49321022716
12/18/18vs Vinton-Shellsburg7132927515
12/21/18vs Independence61341419617
01/04/19@ Clear Creek-Amana3622413114
01/08/19vs Benton393367825
01/11/19vs Williamsburg60251413613
01/15/19@ Vinton-Shellsburg59291015511
01/25/19@ Benton372491138
02/01/19@ Williamsburg55311011721
02/04/19@ Center Point-Urban3228610916
02/09/19vs Eddyville-Blakesb64451410618
02/13/19@ Centerville693817141218
02/16/19@ North Polk341945522

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