Dunkerton Volleyball

Class: 1A
Conference: Iowa Star
Overall Record: 14-9
Winning Streak: L3
Overall Win %: 60.87%
Conference Record: 7-3
Conference Win %: 70.00%
District Record: 10-6
District Win %: 62.50%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
08/29/19 South WinneshiekBox ScoreW 2-0Hudson Elementary School
08/29/19 5:00PMHudsonBox ScoreL 2-0Hudson High School
09/03/19 7:15PMPostvilleBox ScoreW 3-0Dunkerton High School
09/05/19 7:15PMColo-NescoBox ScoreW 3-1Colo-NESCO Jr./Sr. High School
09/07/19 North Fayette ValleyBox ScoreW 2-1North Tama High School
09/07/19 Gladbrook-ReinbeckBox ScoreL 2-0North Tama High School
09/07/19 Meskwaki SettlementBox ScoreW 2-0North Tama High School
09/07/19 North TamaBox ScoreL 2-0North Tama High School
09/10/19 7:15PMMeskwaki SettlementBox ScoreW 3-0Unknown
09/17/19 7:15PMClarksvilleBox ScoreW 3-0Clarksville High School
09/19/19 7:15PMWaterloo Christian SchoolBox ScoreW 3-0Dunkerton High School
09/21/19 Central ElkaderBox ScoreW 2-1Waukon High School
09/21/19 North Crawford (WI)Box ScoreW 2-0Waukon High School
09/21/19 11:00AMTurkey ValleyBox ScoreL 2-1Waukon High School
09/21/19 9:00AMPostvilleBox ScoreW 2-1Postville (John R Mott) High School
09/21/19 9:00AMWaukonBox ScoreL 2-0Waukon High School
09/24/19 7:15PMTripoliBox ScoreL 3-0Tripoli Middle/Sr High School
09/26/19 7:00PMRicevilleBox ScoreW 3-0Dunkerton High School
09/28/19 Clear Creek-AmanaBox ScoreL 2-0Unknown
09/28/19 Northwood-KensettBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
09/28/19 ClarksvilleBox ScoreW 2-0Dunkerton High School
09/28/19 10:30AMWest Central, MaynardBox ScoreL 2-0Dunkerton High School
10/01/19 6:00PMJanesvilleBox ScoreL 3-0Janesville Junior-Senior High School
10/08/19 7:15PMDon Bosco, GilbertvilleGame PreviewDunkerton High School
10/08/19 7:15PMDon Bosco, GilbertvilleBox ScoreL 3-0Unknown
10/19/19 ClarksvilleGame PreviewClarksville High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Game Team Stats

10/01/19vs Janesville19193945
09/28/19@ Clarksville15142628
09/28/19vs West Central, Maynard17142743
09/28/19vs Northwood-Kensett26232226
09/28/19vs Clear Creek-Amana14142014
09/26/19vs Riceville403931211
09/24/19vs Tripoli27213557
09/21/19vs North Crawford (WI)151111113
09/21/19@ Central Elkader15144627
09/21/19@ Waukon15143812
09/21/19vs Turkey Valley12103936
09/21/19@ Postville241829212
09/19/19vs Waterloo Christian School322844210
09/17/19@ Clarksville21192127
09/10/19vs Meskwaki Settlement333031012
09/07/19vs North Tama16123512
09/07/19vs Gladbrook-Reinbeck18183031
09/07/19vs Meskwaki Settlement161411111
09/07/19vs North Fayette Valley26202958
09/05/19@ Colo-Nesco343240813
09/03/19vs Postville333037619
08/29/19vs South Winneshiek16122123
08/29/19vs Hudson431820

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