Sibley-Ocheyedan Volleyball

Class: 2A
Conference: Siouxland
Overall Record: 2-11
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 15.39%
Conference Record: 0-4
Conference Win %: 0.00%
District Record: 0-5
District Win %: 0.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
08/14/19 Hartley-Melvin-SanbrnGame PreviewSibley-Ocheyedan High School
08/29/19 Boyden-HullBox ScoreL 2-0Sioux Center High School
08/29/19 Central Lyon, Rock RapidsBox ScoreL 2-0Sioux Center High School
08/29/19 Rock ValleyBox ScoreL 2-0Sioux Center High School
09/05/19 6:50PMRiver ValleyBox ScoreW 3-2Sibley-Ocheyedan High School
09/09/19 6:50PMHartley-Melvin-SanbrnBox ScoreL 3-0Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn High School
09/12/19 5:30PMBoyden-HullBox ScoreL 3-0Sibley-Ocheyedan High School
09/14/19 Estherville Lincoln CentralBox ScoreL 2-1Spirit Lake High School
09/14/19 North UnionBox ScoreL 2-0Spirit Lake High School
09/14/19 11:00AMSpirit LakeBox ScoreL 2-0Spirit Lake High School
09/14/19 9:00AMNewell-FondaBox ScoreL 2-0Spirit Lake High School
09/16/19 5:00PMHartley-Melvin-SanbrnBox ScoreW 2-1Unknown
09/16/19 6:00PMTrinity Christian, HullBox ScoreL 2-0Sibley-Ocheyedan High School
09/16/19 7:00PMEllsworthBox ScoreL 2-1Unknown
09/19/19 6:50PMOkobojiGame PreviewOkoboji High School
09/26/19 7:25PMGeorge-Little RockGame PreviewGeorge-Little Rock Senior High School
10/01/19 6:50PMSheldonGame PreviewSibley-Ocheyedan High School
10/03/19 6:50PMRock ValleyGame PreviewSibley-Ocheyedan High School
10/08/19 6:50PMMOC-Floyd ValleyGame PreviewMOC-Floyd Valley High School
10/10/19 6:50PMSioux CenterGame PreviewSioux Center High School
10/15/19 6:50PMWest LyonGame PreviewSibley-Ocheyedan High School
10/17/19 6:50PMCentral Lyon, Rock RapidsGame PreviewCentral Lyon Senior High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Mackenzie Beyer225-11
Abbie Bos325-11
Olivia Bosma195-06
Kelli Greenfield235-10
Hannah Huls155-10
Sydney Richardson175-06
Abbey Roth125-04
Emily Schutte185-09
Michelle Tapia95-08
Marissa AckermanFreshman
Halle BlockFreshman
Faye CardaSenior
Keytin ElserFreshman
Ellie HulsJunior
Jadyn JensenFreshman
Diepen, Jillian VaFreshman

Game Team Stats

09/16/19vs Trinity Christian, Hull941322
09/16/19@ Hartley-Melvin-Sanbrn1581453
09/16/19@ Ellsworth23171264
09/14/19@ Estherville Lincoln Central12712114
09/14/19@ Spirit Lake321400
09/14/19@ Newell-Fonda63640
09/14/19@ North Union107821
09/12/19@ Boyden-Hull1029543
09/09/19@ Hartley-Melvin-Sanbrn26241053
09/05/19@ River Valley3189243011
08/29/19@ Rock Valley170000
08/29/19@ Central Lyon, Rock Rapids210000
08/29/19@ Rock Valley40000
08/29/19@ Boyden-Hull200000

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