Webster City @ Track Meet

@Humboldt High School
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Webster City

Overall: 0-0 Conference: 0-0Team Rank: Not Ranked


#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11100 Meter Dash206Woodle, ZoeyIowa Falls-Alden High School (04/29)13.30
22100 Meter Dash376Hay, AshlynIowa Falls-Alden High School (04/29)13.62
33100 Meter Dash438Goings, TatumGoeppinger Field (04/25)13.71
44100 Meter Dash1108Range, MarahIowa Falls-Alden High School (04/29)14.50
51100 Meter Hurdles793Croy, BrynnaGoeppinger Field (04/25)19.23
62100 Meter Hurdles861Messerly, JesslynIowa Falls-Alden High School (04/29)19.52
73100 Meter Hurdles953Nichols, AlexisAlgona High School (04/09)20.04
84100 Meter Hurdles1005Hopp, AtlantaIowa Falls-Alden High School (04/29)20.33
911500 Meter Run593Crutcher, JacieAlgona High School (04/09)5:52.50
101200 Meter Dash216Woodle, ZoeyIowa Falls-Alden High School (04/29)27.58
112200 Meter Dash456Hay, AshlynIowa Falls-Alden High School (04/29)28.42
123200 Meter Dash1179Pruismann, KamrynAlgona High School (05/02)29.98
134200 Meter Dash1222Goings, TatumHumboldt High School (04/22)30.05
1413000 Meter Run365Crutcher, JacieSoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/01)12:39.57
151400 Meter Dash522Woodle, ZoeyGoeppinger Field (04/25)1:06.71
162400 Meter Dash547Queen, ShelbyGoeppinger Field (04/25)1:06.90
173400 Meter Dash2033Stubberud, SierraGilbert High School (04/15)1:19.53
184400 Meter Dash2095Carr, AllisonSoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/01)1:20.72
191400 Meter Hurdles328Goings, TatumAlgona High School (05/02)1:16.56
202400 Meter Hurdles567Croy, BrynnaGoeppinger Field (04/25)1:22.36


#RaceSt RnkAthletesLocation (Dt)Mark
11600 Medley Relay295Crutcher, J, Gallentine, M, Pruismann, K, Queen, SSoutheast Valley Hig (04/01)5:13.98
24x100 Meter Relay134Finucan, A, Goings, T, Hay, A, Woodle, ZGilbert High School (04/15)53.45
34x100 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Relay159Croy, B, Goings, T, Hopp, A, Messerly, JAlgona High School (05/02)1:16.38
44x200 Meter Relay171Finucan, A, Goings, T, Hay, A, Woodle, ZGilbert High School (04/15)1:55.72
54x400 Meter Relay292Carr, A, Croy, B, Lovelace, E, Stubberud, SGilbert High School (04/15)4:57.93
6800 Medley Relay276Finucan, A, Goings, T, Pruismann, K, Queen, SGoeppinger Field (04/25)2:05.32

Field Events

#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11Discus203Brandt, HannahGoeppinger Field (04/25)101-05.00
22Discus215Gallentine, MorganIowa Falls-Alden High School (04/29)100-09.00
33Discus1019Carr, AllisonSoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/01)62-02.00
44Discus1051Gamble, AlyssaGilbert High School (04/15)60-05.50
51High Jump130Nichols, AlexisAlgona High School (04/09)4-10.25
61Long Jump28Hay, AshlynHumboldt High School (04/22)17-01.50
72Long Jump101Woodle, ZoeySoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/01)16-02.00
83Long Jump624Finucan, AlaynaIowa Falls-Alden High School (04/29)13-08.75
94Long Jump913Stubberud, SierraIowa Falls-Alden High School (04/29)12-05.75
101Shot Put502Gallentine, MorganGoeppinger Field (04/25)29-09.50
112Shot Put587Brandt, HannahHumboldt High School (04/22)28-10.00
123Shot Put755Gamble, AlyssaGilbert High School (04/15)27-01.25
134Shot Put877Carr, AllisonHumboldt High School (04/22)25-08.00

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