Morning Star Academy Volleyball

Class: 1A
Conference: Unknown
Overall Record: 8-11
Winning Streak: W1
Overall Win %: 42.11%
Conference Record: 7-10
Conference Win %: 41.18%
District Record: 1-0
District Win %: 100.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
08/27/19 Faith ChristianBox ScoreL 3-0Morning Star Academy
08/29/19 Quad City ChristianBox ScoreW 3-0Beyond the Baseline
09/03/19 Galesburg ChristianBox ScoreL 3-0Unknown
09/06/19 Pathway ChristianBox ScoreL 3-0Unknown
09/09/19 Unity ChristianBox ScoreL 3-0Beyond the Baseline
09/10/19 6:00PMQuad City ChristianBox ScoreW 3-1Unknown
09/12/19 6:00PMFaith ChristianBox ScoreL 3-1Beyond the Baseline
09/13/19 Pathway ChristianBox ScoreL 2-0Morning Star Academy
09/14/19 Quad City ChristianBox ScoreW 2-1Morning Star Academy
09/14/19 Galesburg ChristianBox ScoreL 2-0Morning Star Academy
09/17/19 7:00PMRivermont CollegiateBox ScoreW 3-0Rivermont Collegiate
09/20/19 6:00PMQuad City ChristianBox ScoreW 3-0Beyond the Baseline
09/23/19 6:00PMTri-State Christian (IL)Box ScoreL 3-2Beyond the Baseline
09/30/19 6:00PMPathway ChristianBox ScoreL 3-0Beyond the Baseline
10/01/19 6:00PMGalesburg ChristianBox ScoreW 3-2Beyond the Baseline
10/03/19 6:00PMTri-State Christian (IL)Game PreviewUnknown
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Alexia Bolema105-03
Adia Giza95-06
Valerie Fendley995-02
Faith Littig185-07
Elizabeth Gibson75-06
Ella Hansen55-05
Isabel Simpson15-05
Elise Franich176-01
Anna Curtis105-03Junior
Alexia BolkemaFreshman
Maddie Trotter165-04
Norah Giza045-01
Sarah Schroeder125-05

Game Team Stats

10/01/19@ Galesburg Christian22203556
09/30/19vs Pathway Christian872654
09/24/19@ Unity Christian191645713
09/23/19vs Tri-State Christian (IL)231838712
09/20/19vs Quad City Christian262323511
09/17/19vs Rivermont Collegiate14110030
09/14/19vs Quad City Christian20182426
09/14/19@ Galesburg Christian1171732
09/14/19vs Omaha Warriors541641
09/13/19vs Pathway Christian541401
09/13/19vs Quentin Road98665
09/13/19vs Omaha Lightning32931
09/12/19@ Faith Christian20193389
09/10/19@ Quad City Christian332512215
09/06/19@ Pathway Christian1491266
09/03/19vs Galesburg Christian15141044
08/29/19vs Quad City Christian2520509
08/27/19@ Faith Christian97424

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