Shenandoah @ Track Meet

@Lewis Central Senior High School
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Overall: 0-0 Conference: 0-0Team Rank: Not Ranked


#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11100 Meter Dash313Stogdill, AnthonyMustang Field and Ray Graves Track (04/08)11.69
22100 Meter Dash618Cerven, KyleGriswold High School (04/18)11.96
33100 Meter Dash671Bauer, TrevorRed Oak High School (04/26)12.00
44100 Meter Dash902Swanson, BlakeGriswold High School (04/18)12.17
51110 Meter Hurdles260Hunter, NickNodaway Valley High School (05/06)16.62
62110 Meter Hurdles339Backus, RileyRed Oak High School (04/26)17.04
73110 Meter Hurdles704Holmes, EvanNodaway Valley High School (05/06)19.46
811600 Meter Run660Campbell, JackPanorama High School (05/10)5:07.41
921600 Meter Run811Son, LeviLewis Central High School (04/22)5:13.76
1031600 Meter Run1501Son, Blake (04/15)5:49.05
1141600 Meter Run1671Wilson, Demetrious (04/15)6:07.65
121200 Meter Dash770Cerven, KyleGriswold High School (04/18)24.55
132200 Meter Dash894Stogdill, AnthonyTreynor Community School (04/01)24.72
143200 Meter Dash1229Rogers, TyPanorama High School (05/10)25.11
154200 Meter Dash1277Swanson, BlakeGriswold High School (04/18)25.17
1613200 Meter Run273Campbell, JackClarinda High School (04/05)10:42.36
1723200 Meter Run436Son, LeviRed Oak High School (04/26)11:06.64
1833200 Meter Run946Son, BlakeNodaway Valley High School (05/06)12:18.93
1943200 Meter Run1261Johnson, AndrewNodaway Valley High School (05/06)15:10.71
201400 Meter Dash508Bauer, TrevorNodaway Valley High School (05/06)54.83
212400 Meter Dash1068Cotten, MorganNodaway Valley High School (05/06)57.11
223400 Meter Dash1440Backus, CarterRed Oak High School (04/26)58.74
234400 Meter Dash1767Perrin, AshtinLewis Central High School (05/02)1:00.16
241400 Meter Hurdles174Backus, RileyTreynor Community School (04/01)59.20
252400 Meter Hurdles317Backus, CarterNodaway Valley High School (05/06)1:01.19
263400 Meter Hurdles904Stogdill, AnthonyGriswold High School (04/18)1:08.62
274400 Meter Hurdles912Holmes, EvanMustang Field and Ray Graves Track (04/08)1:08.75
281800 Meter Run905Voshell, EthanAtlantic High School (04/28)2:16.65
292800 Meter Run1218Shaw, MattPanorama High School (05/10)2:20.98
303800 Meter Run1488Jones, MitchellMustang Field and Ray Graves Track (04/08)2:24.94
314800 Meter Run2257Son, BlakeNodaway Valley High School (05/06)2:44.44


#RaceSt RnkAthletesLocation (Dt)Mark
11600 Medley Relay278Campbell, J, Cotten, M, Rogers, T, Swanson, BClarinda High School (04/05)4:09.17
24x100 Meter Relay139Backus, R, Bauer, T, Cerven, K, Stogdill, AClarinda High School (04/05)45.72
34x110 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Relay100Backus, C, Backus, R, Hunter, N, Stogdill, ALewis Central High S (05/02)1:05.04
44x200 Meter Relay147Backus, R, Bauer, T, Cerven, K, Stogdill, AAtlantic High School (04/28)1:36.05
54x400 Meter Relay212Backus, C, Bauer, T, Cotten, M, Voshell, ELewis Central High S (05/02)3:44.58
64x800 Meter Relay232Backus, C, Jones, M, Shaw, M, Voshell, EMustang Field and Ra (04/08)9:28.83
7800 Medley Relay258Bauer, T, Cerven, K, Rogers, T, Swanson, BGriswold High School (04/18)1:43.57

Field Events

#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11Discus187Stenzel, JakeAtlantic High School (04/28)131-05.00
22Discus405Doyle, BlakePanorama High School (05/10)118-00.00
33Discus965Foster, ZachNodaway Valley High School (05/06)91-06.00
44Discus1108Holben, ClaytonNodaway Valley High School (05/06)85-01.00
51High Jump26Backus, RileyRed Oak High School (04/26)6-04.00
62High Jump336Voshell, EthanLewis Central High School (05/02)5-06.00
71Long Jump158Stogdill, AnthonyPanorama High School (05/10)20-02.00
82Long Jump260Bauer, TrevorTreynor Community School (04/01)19-06.25
93Long Jump794Reed, MichealNodaway Valley High School (05/06)17-04.00
101Shot Put743Doyle, BlakeMustang Field and Ray Graves Track (04/08)37-03.00
112Shot Put765Stenzel, JakePanorama High School (05/10)37-00.00
123Shot Put1073L'Heuruex, JaceCreston High School (03/26)33-10.25
134Shot Put1144Foster, ZachNodaway Valley High School (05/06)33-02.00

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