Madrid Baseball

Class: 2A
Conference: West Central
District: District 12
Overall Record: 21-9
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 70.00%
Conference Record: 13-7
Conference Win %: 65.00%
District Record: 6-4
District Win %: 60.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 West MarshallBox ScoreL 10-0West Marshall High School
05/23/19 Woodward AcademyBox ScoreW 15-0Madrid High School
05/23/19 5:00PMWoodward AcademyBox ScoreW 14-0Madrid High School
05/29/19 7:30PMMartensdale-St MarysBox ScoreL 13-2Martensdale-St Marys Jr-Sr High School
05/30/19 Des Moines ChristianBox ScoreL 7-1Des Moines Christian
05/30/19 3:15PMDes Moines ChristianBox ScoreW 6-4Des Moines Christian
05/31/19 7:00PMPanoramaBox ScoreW 14-5Madrid High School
06/03/19 6:30PMWest Central ValleyBox ScoreW 5-0West Central Valley High School
06/04/19 7:00PMWoodward-GrangeBox ScoreL 1-0Madrid High School
06/06/19 EarlhamBox ScoreL 7-2Madrid High School
06/06/19 5:00PMEarlhamBox ScoreW 9-1Madrid High School
06/08/19 10:00AMGMG, GarwinBox ScoreW 14-9Madrid High School
06/08/19 10:00AMSoutheast ValleyBox ScoreW 9-0Madrid High School
06/10/19 OgdenBox ScoreW 5-1Ogden High School
06/11/19 ACGCBox ScoreW 9-3Guthrie Center High School
06/11/19 5:00PMACGCBox ScoreW 7-2Madrid High School
06/13/19 5:00PMInterstate 35Box ScoreW 3-1Interstate 35 Secondary School
06/13/19 5:00PMInterstate 35Box ScoreW 8-7Interstate 35 Secondary School
06/17/19 7:00PMPanoramaBox ScoreW 5-4Panorama High School
06/20/19 5:00PMPleasantvilleBox ScoreW 7-5Madrid High School
06/20/19 5:00PMPleasantvilleBox ScoreW 3-1Madrid High School
06/21/19 7:00PMAlta/AureliaBox ScoreW 9-5Madrid High School
06/24/19 West Central ValleyBox ScoreW 11-1Madrid High School
06/25/19 7:00PMWoodward-GrangeBox ScoreL 4-3Woodward-Granger Baseball Field
06/27/19 5:00PMVan MeterBox ScoreL 7-1Van Meter Jr-Sr High School
06/27/19 5:00PMVan MeterBox ScoreL 6-1Van Meter Jr-Sr High School
07/02/19 OgdenGame PreviewMadrid High School
07/03/19 South HamiltonGame PreviewMadrid High School
07/08/19 5:00PMOgdenBox ScoreW 3-2Madrid High School
07/09/19 5:00PMSoutheast ValleyBox ScoreW 5-3Madrid High School
07/13/19 7:00PMWoodward AcademyBox ScoreW 4-3Madrid High School
07/16/19 5:00PMDes Moines ChristianBox ScoreL 6-0Woodward-Granger High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Harrison Bickham23Junior
Nolan Owensby17Senior
Jacob Loew10Junior
Matt Eagleton6Sophomore
Logan Wicker13Senior
Braden Gibbons2Junior
Conner Williams7Sophomore
C J DeanJunior
Luke Owensby8Junior
Landen Klatt5Senior
Brady LeonardFreshman
Kody Carlson3Junior
Eric Steig20Senior
C J Dean12Junior
Cayden FusonSophomore

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/191510000001@ West Marshall
05/23/192310143108217vs Woodward Academy
05/23/192312153008173vs Woodward Academy
05/29/192002000143@ Martensdale-St Mar
05/30/1933106000550@ Des Moines Christi
05/30/192871000001@ Des Moines Christi
05/31/1927914200687vs Panorama
06/03/1929850003126@ West Central Valle
06/04/192560000012vs Woodward-Grange
06/06/1929129400984vs Earlham
06/06/192542100211@ Earlham
06/08/192299300956vs Southeast Valley
06/08/193717142101142vs GMG, Garwin
06/10/192675100420@ Ogden
06/11/1930117100521vs ACGC
06/11/1927890004147@ ACGC
06/13/1930108200732@ Interstate 35
06/13/192263010255@ Interstate 35
06/17/192865110406@ Panorama
06/20/192887000535vs Pleasantville
06/20/192263000152vs Pleasantville
06/21/1926109100796vs Alta/Aurelia
06/24/19301211200523vs West Central Vall
06/25/192633000242@ Woodward-Grange
06/27/192431000114@ Van Meter
06/27/192441000103@ Van Meter
07/08/192043000304vs Ogden
07/09/192695100383vs Southeast Valley
07/13/193294100260vs Woodward Academy
07/16/192530000001vs Des Moines Christ

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