Des Moines Christian Baseball

Class: 2A
Conference: West Central
District: District 12
Overall Record: 29-9
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 76.32%
Conference Record: 16-4
Conference Win %: 80.00%
District Record: 10-1
District Win %: 90.91%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/23/19 ACGCBox ScoreW 11-0Guthrie Center High School
05/23/19 5:30PMACGCBox ScoreW 10-0Adair-Casey Jr-Sr High School
05/24/19 Pella ChristianBox ScoreL 6-3Pella Christian Eagles
05/28/19 Interstate 35Game PreviewInterstate 35 Secondary School
05/30/19 MadridBox ScoreW 7-1Des Moines Christian
05/30/19 3:15PMMadridBox ScoreL 6-4Des Moines Christian
05/31/19 EarlhamBox ScoreW 17-0Des Moines Christian
06/01/19 Martensdale-St MarysBox ScoreW 2-1Martensdale-St Marys Jr-Sr High School
06/01/19 Clarke, OsceolaBox ScoreW 2-0Martensdale-St Marys Jr-Sr High School
06/03/19 5:15PMPleasantvilleGame PreviewDes Moines Christian
06/04/19 10:00AMVan MeterBox ScoreL 4-3Van Meter Jr-Sr High School
06/06/19 OgdenBox ScoreL 7-6Ogden High School
06/06/19 OgdenBox ScoreW 1-0Ogden High School
06/08/19 Lynnville-SullyBox ScoreW 24-1Des Moines Christian
06/08/19 10:00AMDallas Center-GrimesBox ScoreL 5-4Des Moines Christian
06/10/19 Woodward AcademyBox ScoreW 10-0Des Moines Christian
06/11/19 EarlhamBox ScoreW 15-0EARLHAM SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL
06/12/19 7:30PMCentral Decatur, LeonBox ScoreW 17-7Central Decatur MS/Sr High School
06/13/19 PanoramaBox ScoreW 9-8Des Moines Christian
06/13/19 5:00PMPanoramaBox ScoreW 10-1Des Moines Christian
06/17/19 5:15PMInterstate 35Box ScoreW 3-1Des Moines Christian
06/18/19 7:00PMInterstate 35Box ScoreL 9-4Interstate 35 Secondary School
06/19/19 Bondurant-FarrarGame PreviewDes Moines Christian
06/20/19 5:00PMWest Central ValleyBox ScoreW 8-2West Central Valley High School
06/20/19 5:00PMWest Central ValleyBox ScoreW 11-1West Central Valley High School
06/21/19 10:00AMSaydelGame PreviewSaydel High School
06/22/19 10:00AMDike-New HartfordGame PreviewAnkeny High School
06/24/19 7:00PMPleasantvilleBox ScoreW 3-2Pleasantville High School
06/24/19 7:00PMPleasantvilleBox ScoreW 5-2Pleasantville High School
06/25/19 5:30PMVan MeterBox ScoreL 7-5Des Moines Christian
06/27/19 Woodward-GrangeBox ScoreW 2-1Des Moines Christian
06/27/19 3:15PMWoodward-GrangeBox ScoreW 10-5Des Moines Christian
07/01/19 3:15PMBondurant-FarrarBox ScoreW 4-3Des Moines Christian
07/02/19 Woodward AcademyGame PreviewWoodward Academy
07/03/19 3:15PMTreynorBox ScoreW 1-0Des Moines Christian
07/08/19 6:00PMAnkeny ChristianBox ScoreW 6-0Cownie Baseball Field, Des Moines
07/09/19 7:30PMMartensdale-St MarysBox ScoreL 3-1Martensdale-St Marys Jr-Sr High School
07/10/19 Woodward AcademyBox ScoreW 27-1Woodward Academy
07/11/19 3:15PMColfax-MingoBox ScoreW 10-0Des Moines Christian
07/16/19 5:00PMMadridBox ScoreW 6-0Woodward-Granger High School
07/22/19 7:00PMWoodward-GrangeBox ScoreW 6-5Woodward-Granger High School
07/23/19 7:00PMRoland-StoryBox ScoreW 8-0Nevada High School
07/29/19 1:30PMCentral LeeBox ScoreW 9-7Principal Park
08/01/19 7:00PMNorth LinnBox ScoreL 3-0Principal Park
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Zach Dueker10Junior
Noah Berry24Senior
Ben Leusink8Junior
Andrew Fox22Senior
Colby Shelton21Sophomore
Garrett Penland16Sophomore
Kole Bradley15Junior
Dalton Lewis9Sophomore
Mason Hunt31Senior
Jaxon Withers1Sophomore
Trey Castile17Junior
Cal Matthes6Senior
Scotty Wynne7Sophomore
Dillon Davis12Junior
Brett Shelton11Senior
Frankie Accurso2Senior
Luke Lehmann4Senior
Adam Witty20Freshman
Grant Christy19Senior
Bennett Schuiteman25Senior

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/23/1925810400922@ ACGC
05/23/1931141121010710@ ACGC
05/24/1931103201341@ Pella Christian
05/30/192754100326vs Madrid
05/30/192677100714vs Madrid
05/31/192412173001357@ Earlham
06/01/192882300223@ Martensdale-St Mar
06/01/192642000243vs Clarke, Osceola
06/04/192873200344@ Van Meter
06/06/1928106110431@ Ogden
06/06/192051000113vs Ogden
06/08/1931104300421vs Dallas Center-Gri
06/08/193218244412288@ Lynnville-Sully
06/10/19251110100972vs Woodward Academy
06/11/191891530113310@ Earlham
06/12/1935161702113913@ Central Decatur, L
06/13/1927710100735vs Panorama
06/13/192399100517vs Panorama
06/17/192473000321vs Interstate 35
06/18/192894100468@ Interstate 35
06/20/1934118200734@ West Central Valle
06/20/1923811210972@ West Central Valle
06/24/192463200313@ Pleasantville
06/24/192685101421@ Pleasantville
06/25/192565200503vs Van Meter
06/27/19311310200836vs Woodward-Grange
06/27/192662200224vs Woodward-Grange
07/01/192244000345vs Bondurant-Farrar
07/03/192061000101@ Treynor
07/08/193096000654@ Ankeny Christian
07/09/192881100100vs Martensdale-St Ma
07/10/19291527410211112@ Woodward Academy
07/11/19241010010959vs Colfax-Mingo
07/16/192386201531vs Madrid
07/22/192756200513vs Woodward-Grange
07/23/1927128100802vs Roland-Story
07/29/1932129210911vs Central Lee
08/01/192210000000vs North Linn

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