Wahlert Catholic Softball

Class: 4A
Conference: Mississippi Valley
Overall Record: 22-20
Winning Streak: L1
Overall Win %: 52.38%
Conference Record: 14-12
Conference Win %: 53.85%
District Record: 6-7
District Win %: 46.15%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 North ScottBox ScoreL 2-1North Scott Senior High School
05/21/19 Dubuque HempsteadBox ScoreL 9-3Wahlert High School
05/21/19 4:00PMDubuque HempsteadBox ScoreL 11-1Wahlert High School
05/22/19 Davenport CentralBox ScoreW 15-8Brady Stadium
05/23/19 4:00PMCedar Rapids WashingtonBox ScoreW 11-1Wahlert High School
05/23/19 4:00PMCedar Rapids WashingtonBox ScoreW 14-0Wahlert High School
05/28/19 Linn-MarGame PreviewLinn-Mar High School
05/28/19 5:30PMLinn-MarGame PreviewLinn-Mar High School
05/30/19 4:00PMPrairieBox ScoreL 8-2Prairie High School, Cedar Rapids
05/30/19 5:30PMPrairieBox ScoreL 5-2Prairie High School, Cedar Rapids
06/04/19 Iowa City WestBox ScoreW 8-2Wahlert High School
06/04/19 4:00PMIowa City WestBox ScoreW 3-2Wahlert High School
06/06/19 Waterloo EastBox ScoreW 5-1East High School (Waterloo)
06/06/19 5:30PMWaterloo EastBox ScoreL 10-3East High School (Waterloo)
06/07/19 5:30PMBeckman CatholicBox ScoreW 3-2Beckman Catholic High School
06/10/19 Waverly-Shell RockBox ScoreW 15-4Waverly-Shell Rock Senior High School
06/11/19 Dubuque SeniorBox ScoreW 9-8Wahlert High School
06/11/19 4:00PMDubuque SeniorBox ScoreW 11-3Wahlert High School
06/12/19 Linn-MarGame PreviewOak Ridge Middle School
06/12/19 5:30PMLinn-MarGame PreviewOak Ridge Middle School
06/13/19 Cedar Rapids KennedyBox ScoreL 4-2John F Kennedy High School, Cedar Rapids
06/13/19 5:30PMCedar Rapids KennedyBox ScoreL 4-1John F Kennedy High School, Cedar Rapids
06/14/19 IndependenceBox ScoreL 4-2Beckman Sport Complex
06/14/19 North Fayette ValleyBox ScoreW 11-1West Delaware High School
06/15/19 CascadeBox ScoreL 11-8Wahlert High School
06/15/19 Maquoketa ValleyBox ScoreW 2-1West Delaware High School
06/18/19 Cedar FallsBox ScoreW 9-8Wahlert High School
06/18/19 4:00PMCedar FallsBox ScoreW 4-1Wahlert High School
06/19/19 BettendorfBox ScoreL 9-2Wahlert High School
06/19/19 BettendorfBox ScoreL 11-5Wahlert High School
06/20/19 Cedar Rapids JeffersonBox ScoreL 12-1Wahlert High School
06/20/19 Cedar Rapids JeffersonBox ScoreW 15-11Wahlert High School
06/25/19 Xavier, Cedar RapidsBox ScoreW 5-2Wahlert High School
06/25/19 4:00PMXavier, Cedar RapidsBox ScoreL 5-1Wahlert High School
06/26/19 Linn-MarBox ScoreL 13-5Oak Ridge Middle School
06/26/19 5:30PMLinn-MarBox ScoreW 6-1Oak Ridge Middle School
06/27/19 Western DubuqueBox ScoreL 5-2Farley Community Park
06/27/19 5:30PMWestern DubuqueBox ScoreW 7-2Farley Community Park
07/02/19 Iowa City LibertyGame PreviewMount Mercy University
07/02/19 Iowa City LibertyBox ScoreL 5-2Mount Mercy University
07/03/19 Iowa City, City HighBox ScoreL 4-0Iowa City High School
07/03/19 Iowa City, City HighBox ScoreL 13-1Iowa City High School
07/06/19 Iowa City LibertyBox ScoreW 6-0Unknown
07/06/19 5:30PMIowa City LibertyGame PreviewMount Mercy University
07/08/19 Waterloo WestBox ScoreW 10-1Wahlert High School
07/08/19 4:00PMWaterloo WestBox ScoreW 14-11Wahlert High School
07/11/19 5:00PMClintonBox ScoreW 8-3Wahlert High School
07/13/19 7:00PMCentral DeWittBox ScoreL 2-1Central High School (DeWitt)
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Natalie Kelzer13Freshman
Ellie Timmerman4Junior
Nora King8th
Katie Krapfl7Senior
Bailey Welu8th
Paige Hummel24Junior
Isabelle Pfeiffer10Freshman
Mary Kate King1Sophomore
Lilly Roth14Junior
Maria Klein6Senior
Abigail Wuebker2Sophomore
Maria Roth8th
Sophia King6Junior
Abigail Wallace5Sophomore
Mary Kate KingSophomore
Tierani Teslow8th
Lindsay Cummer22Sophomore
Kathryn Nedder16Sophomore
Ellie Steuer8th
Anna Chapman9Sophomore
Molly McDonald18Junior

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/192271000102@ North Scott
05/21/192983100301vs Dubuque Hempstead
05/21/192531000100vs Dubuque Hempstead
05/22/19361215200816@ Davenport Central
05/23/19327112011022vs Cedar Rapids Wash
05/23/19318142113411vs Cedar Rapids Wash
05/30/192542000201@ Prairie
05/30/192352100113@ Prairie
06/04/192663300311vs Iowa City West
06/04/1929128200712vs Iowa City West
06/06/1932105000591@ Waterloo East
06/06/192543000273@ Waterloo East
06/07/192633000314@ Beckman Catholic
06/10/19411915400961@ Waverly-Shell Rock
06/11/192579100447vs Dubuque Senior
06/11/19271011001813vs Dubuque Senior
06/13/192862100211@ Cedar Rapids Kenne
06/13/192131000101@ Cedar Rapids Kenne
06/14/1930911010822@ North Fayette Vall
06/14/192532000221@ Independence
06/15/1930108300811vs Cascade
06/15/192852100241vs Maquoketa Valley
06/18/192474210420vs Cedar Falls
06/18/193179100715vs Cedar Falls
06/19/192632000223vs Bettendorf
06/19/1930115102501vs Bettendorf
06/20/193518155011454@ Cedar Rapids Jeffe
06/20/191951000102vs Cedar Rapids Jeff
06/25/192795200420@ Xavier, Cedar Rapi
06/25/192741101110@ Xavier, Cedar Rapi
06/26/1932125000501@ Linn-Mar
06/26/1929126300614@ Linn-Mar
06/27/192432001202@ Western Dubuque
06/27/1931107100601@ Western Dubuque
07/02/193062100211@ Iowa City Liberty
07/03/191241000110@ Iowa City, City Hi
07/03/192730000001@ Iowa City, City Hi
07/06/193176100553@ Iowa City Liberty
07/08/193617143001043vs Waterloo West
07/08/19351610700821vs Waterloo West
07/11/1930128100612vs Clinton
07/13/192761100101@ Central DeWitt

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