Indianola Softball

Class: 5A
Conference: Little Hawkeye
Overall Record: 34-5
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 87.18%
Conference Record: 20-1
Conference Win %: 95.24%
District Record: 11-3
District Win %: 78.57%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 4:30PMCarlisleBox ScoreL 4-3Carlisle High School
05/24/19 5:00PMSoutheast PolkBox ScoreW 5-2Indianola High School
05/28/19 6:30PMNewtonBox ScoreW 5-1Indianola High School
05/28/19 6:30PMNewtonBox ScoreW 5-1Indianola High School
05/30/19 7:30PMDes Moines LincolnBox ScoreW 12-0Indianola High School
06/01/19 ValleyBox ScoreL 4-3Valley High School
06/01/19 BooneBox ScoreW 9-4Boone High School
06/01/19 Pleasant ValleyBox ScoreW 10-5Indianola High School
06/04/19 6:00PMDes Moines EastBox ScoreW 5-1Des Moines East-Williams Stadium
06/05/19 5:30PMPellaBox ScoreW 4-0Indianola High School
06/05/19 5:30PMPellaBox ScoreW 4-1Indianola High School
06/06/19 5:45PMOttumwaBox ScoreW 6-0Indianola High School
06/06/19 6:00PMOttumwaBox ScoreL 11-9Indianola High School
06/07/19 7:15PMPella ChristianBox ScoreW 7-1Pella Christian Eagles
06/10/19 Dallas Center-GrimesBox ScoreW 4-1Grimes Sports Complex
06/10/19 Dallas Center-GrimesBox ScoreL 2-0Grimes Sports Complex
06/12/19 GrinnellBox ScoreW 5-0Indianola High School
06/14/19 OskaloosaBox ScoreW 9-0Oskaloosa High School
06/14/19 5:30PMOskaloosaBox ScoreW 3-0Oskaloosa High School
06/17/19 NewtonBox ScoreW 3-1Newton HA Lynn Stadium
06/19/19 NorwalkBox ScoreW 2-0Unknown
06/19/19 NorwalkGame PreviewNorwalk Middle School
06/20/19 PellaBox ScoreW 5-1Pella High School
06/22/19 Southeast PolkGame PreviewIndianola High School
06/22/19 Martensdale-St MarysGame PreviewIndianola High School
06/22/19 10:00AMWintersetGame PreviewIndianola High School
06/24/19 Pella ChristianBox ScoreW 10-2Indianola High School
06/24/19 5:30PMPella ChristianBox ScoreW 9-1Indianola High School
06/26/19 7:15PMDallas Center-GrimesBox ScoreW 10-0Indianola High School
06/27/19 ADMBox ScoreW 8-1ADM Senior High School
06/28/19 5:30PMGrinnellBox ScoreW 11-1Grinnell Community Senior High School
06/28/19 5:30PMGrinnellBox ScoreW 13-1Grinnell Community Senior High School
07/01/19 7:15PMOskaloosaBox ScoreW 6-2Indianola High School
07/02/19 5:30PMUrbandaleBox ScoreW 6-1Indianola High School
07/02/19 5:30PMUrbandaleBox ScoreW 10-0Indianola High School
07/05/19 GilbertBox ScoreW 12-0DCG HS Baseball Field
07/05/19 Ankeny CentennialBox ScoreW 5-1Dallas Center-Grimes High School
07/08/19 5:30PMNorwalkBox ScoreW 2-0Indianola High School
07/08/19 7:15PMNorwalkBox ScoreW 7-0Indianola High School
07/13/19 7:00PMDowling CatholicBox ScoreW 11-1Indianola High School
07/16/19 7:00PMSoutheast PolkBox ScoreW 5-4Indianola High School
07/23/19 5:30PMJohnstonBox ScoreL 3-2Iowa Central CC-Rogers Sports Complex
07/24/19 1:30PMOttumwaBox ScoreW 4-1Veterans' Field-Rogers Sports Complex
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Kendall Clatt15Sophomore
Grace Gioffredi8Freshman
Sammie Becker5Senior
Ally May2Sophomore
Macie Mays30Sophomore
Kassie Baker11Junior
Destiny Lewis27Sophomore
Kira Mathias6Sophomore
Kate Kralik33Sophomore
Hanna Graham00Freshman
Bailey Blake9Junior
Brooke Tucker24Senior
Selia Becker22Freshman
Mara Bishop4Freshman
Hannah Riggs31Senior
Kira MatthiasSophomore
Kylee Tucker10Sophomore
Emily Chaplin18Senior
Sadie Fredricks9Freshman
Alley MaySophomore
Bella Bingaman35Junior
Gracey May1Senior
Diamond Mosley99Junior

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/192883002353@ Carlisle
05/24/192465012404vs Southeast Polk
05/28/1928125201543vs Newton
05/28/192765100421vs Newton
05/30/192213123111041vs Des Moines Lincol
06/01/193179101900@ Boone
06/01/1935113101301@ Valley
06/01/193314103031022vs Pleasant Valley
06/04/192645102300@ Des Moines East
06/05/192264200224vs Pella
06/05/192134000421vs Pella
06/06/1928116302632vs Ottumwa
06/06/1935149201929vs Ottumwa
06/07/1935137102723@ Pella Christian
06/10/192874101314@ Dallas Center-Grim
06/10/192530000011@ Dallas Center-Gri
06/12/192985100320vs Grinnell
06/14/19321293017611@ Oskaloosa
06/14/192973001301@ Oskaloosa
06/17/192943001310@ Newton
06/19/193082111213@ Norwalk
06/20/1928105300533vs Pella
06/24/193314102021031vs Pella Christian
06/24/1925109002627vs Pella Christian
06/26/19279100021024vs Dallas Center-Gri
06/27/1929108202722@ ADM
06/28/19421913601944@ Grinnell
06/28/193417112031103@ Grinnell
07/01/1927126000504vs Oskaloosa
07/02/192796204501vs Urbandale
07/02/192714101011013vs Urbandale
07/05/1929125101402@ Ankeny Centennial
07/05/192815122011012vs Gilbert
07/08/1928117203712@ Norwalk
07/08/192762100200vs Norwalk
07/13/193113111021001vs Dowling Catholic
07/16/1935105400506vs Southeast Polk
07/23/192862101201vs Johnston
07/24/192584101333@ Ottumwa

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