Gilbert @ Track Meet

@Greene County High School
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#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11100 Meter Dash488Howard, LandonSoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/08)11.86
22100 Meter Dash565Hanson, TuckerGilbert High School (04/22)11.92
33100 Meter Dash689Anderson, JoshNevada High School (05/02)12.01
44100 Meter Dash747Hansen, TreyNevada High School (05/02)12.05
51110 Meter Hurdles335Johnson, CarsonBallard High School (04/16)16.98
62110 Meter Hurdles499Hawthorne, DrewGilbert High School (04/02)17.98
711600 Meter Run119Ockey, JohnGilbert High School (05/09)4:42.59
821600 Meter Run195Ruba, GriffinBallard High School (04/16)4:46.64
931600 Meter Run219Mesenbrink, EthanNevada High School (04/04)4:47.85
1041600 Meter Run588Buchele, JacobSoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/08)5:03.55
111200 Meter Dash235Hanson, TuckerBallard High School (04/16)23.59
122200 Meter Dash726Steffen, MarkBallard High School (04/16)24.48
133200 Meter Dash851Anderson, JoshSoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/08)24.67
144200 Meter Dash971Howard, LandonSaydel High School (04/11)24.83
1513200 Meter Run96Mesenbrink, EthanNevada High School (05/02)10:10.10
1623200 Meter Run316Buchele, JacobSaydel High School (04/11)10:49.33
1733200 Meter Run394Vanderpool, SamNevada High School (05/02)11:01.03
1843200 Meter Run979Congdon, AddisonDallas Center-Grimes Meadows (04/25)12:24.80
191400 Meter Dash456Ruba, GriffinGilbert High School (04/22)54.60
202400 Meter Dash461Saltzman, NathanGilbert High School (05/09)54.63
213400 Meter Dash647Hanson, TuckerDallas Center-Grimes Meadows (04/25)55.42
224400 Meter Dash822Stahr, ElijahGilbert High School (05/09)56.18
231400 Meter Hurdles195Hawthorne, DrewGilbert High School (04/02)59.65
242400 Meter Hurdles441Johnson, CarsonBallard High School (04/16)1:02.70
253400 Meter Hurdles691Stahr, ElijahBallard High School (04/16)1:05.77
261800 Meter Run313Ockey, JohnDallas Center-Grimes Meadows (04/25)2:08.02
272800 Meter Run332Ruba, GriffinGilbert High School (05/09)2:08.32
283800 Meter Run635Buchele, JacobNevada High School (05/02)2:13.08
294800 Meter Run954Stuber, EthanGilbert High School (04/22)2:17.28


#RaceSt RnkAthletesLocation (Dt)Mark
11600 Medley Relay120Mesenbrink, E, Saltzman, N, Steffen, M, Turner, WDallas Center-Grimes (04/25)3:48.55
24x100 Meter Relay165Anderson, J, Hansen, T, Hanson, T, Howard, LNevada High School (04/04)46.06
34x110 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Relay172Hansen, T, Hawthorne, D, Johnson, C, Turner, WNevada High School (04/04)1:09.81
44x200 Meter Relay172Hansen, T, Hanson, T, Howard, L, Turner, WBaxter High School (04/05)1:36.82
54x400 Meter Relay199Hanson, B, Ruba, G, Saltzman, N, Steffen, MNevada High School (05/02)3:43.10
64x800 Meter Relay84Hanson, B, Ockey, J, Ruba, G, Stuber, ENevada High School (05/02)8:33.29
7800 Medley Relay277Anderson, J, Hansen, T, Porter, B, Stahr, ENevada High School (05/02)1:44.30

Field Events

#TmRaceSt RnkAthleteLocation (Dt)Mark
11Discus261Roetman, IssacGilbert High School (05/09)125-11.00
22Discus469Smalley, AlexGilbert High School (05/09)114-01.00
33Discus508Cox, AustinBaxter High School (04/05)112-03.00
44Discus581Jerman, TyBaxter High School (04/05)109-00.00
51High Jump148Turner, WillBallard High School (04/16)5-10.00
62High Jump148Francom, JamesGilbert High School (05/09)5-10.00
73High Jump439Steffen, MarkNevada High School (03/26)5-04.00
81Long Jump166Hanson, TuckerNevada High School (05/02)20-01.50
92Long Jump336Howard, LandonSoutheast Valley High School Football field and Tr (04/08)19-01.75
103Long Jump520Hansen, TreyNevada High School (05/02)18-04.50
111Shot Put131Roetman, IssacGilbert High School (05/09)46-04.25
122Shot Put567Jerman, TyBallard High School (04/16)39-03.50

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