Riverside, Oakland Baseball

Class: 1A
Conference: Western Iowa
District: District 14
Overall Record: 0-19
Winning Streak: L20
Overall Win %: 0.00%
Conference Record: 0-17
Conference Win %: 0.00%
District Record: 0-5
District Win %: 0.00%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/22/19 6:00PMAudubonBox ScoreL 13-0Riverside Community High School
05/23/19 7:00PMAHSTW, AvocaBox ScoreL 10-0A-H-S-T High School
05/24/19 7:00PMTri-Center, NeolaBox ScoreL 11-0Riverside Community High School
05/28/19 5:30PMIKM-ManningBox ScoreL 16-10IKM-Manning High School
05/31/19 5:30PMUnderwoodBox ScoreL 17-0Riverside Community High School
06/04/19 7:00PMMissouri ValleyBox ScoreL 12-1Riverside Community High School
06/06/19 7:00PMLogan-MagnoliaBox ScoreL 16-3Riverside Community High School
06/07/19 7:00PMAudubonBox ScoreL 10-0Audubon Middle-High School
06/08/19 2:00PMTreynorBox ScoreL 15-5Treynor High School
06/10/19 AHSTW, AvocaBox ScoreL 11-7Riverside Community High School
06/11/19 Tri-Center, NeolaBox ScoreL 18-0Tri-Center High School
06/13/19 IKM-ManningBox ScoreL 22-8Riverside Community High School
06/14/19 7:00PMTreynorBox ScoreL 21-1Riverside Community High School
06/17/19 UnderwoodBox ScoreL 19-0Underwood High School
06/20/19 7:00PMMissouri ValleyBox ScoreL 18-1Riverside Community High School
06/21/19 Logan-MagnoliaBox ScoreL 8-0Logan-Magnolia Jr-Sr High School
06/24/19 IKM-ManningBox ScoreL 15-3IKM-Manning High School
06/24/19 7:00PMTreynorGame PreviewTreynor High School
07/01/19 Boyer ValleyBox ScoreL 16-1Oakland Acres Golf Club
07/11/19 7:00PMClass 1A District 14Box ScoreL 10-0Riverside Community High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/22/191810000023@ Audubon
05/23/192420000013@ AHSTW, Avoca
05/24/192210000004vs Tri-Center, Neola
05/28/19371310100644@ IKM-Manning
05/31/191720000001vs Underwood
06/04/192121100034vs Missouri Valley
06/06/192433000144vs Logan-Magnolia
06/07/191610000011@ Audubon
06/08/192875000405@ Treynor
06/10/193067200405vs AHSTW, Avoca
06/11/191630000012@ Tri-Center, Neola
06/13/193298200602vs IKM-Manning
06/14/191441000011vs Treynor
06/17/191510000003@ Underwood
06/20/191921000012@ Missouri Valley
06/21/192770000001@ Logan-Magnolia
06/24/192253000211@ IKM-Manning
07/01/191721000122vs Boyer Valley

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