Regina Catholic Baseball

Class: 2A
Conference: River Valley
District: District 6
Overall Record: 10-22
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 31.25%
Conference Record: 6-13
Conference Win %: 31.58%
District Record: 3-8
District Win %: 27.27%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 7:00PMMount PleasantGame PreviewRegina High School
05/23/19 5:00PMSolonBox ScoreL 4-2Solon High School
05/24/19 7:00PMDavenport AssumptionBox ScoreL 14-0Regina High School
05/28/19 5:30PMBellevueGame PreviewRegina High School
05/30/19 TiptonBox ScoreL 4-2Tipton Middle School
05/30/19 5:30PMTiptonBox ScoreL 1-0Tipton Middle School
06/01/19 4:00PMBentonBox ScoreW 5-3Benton Community Senior High School
06/03/19 WiltonBox ScoreL 7-5Regina High School
06/03/19 5:30PMWiltonBox ScoreL 16-1Regina High School
06/04/19 7:30PMNorth CedarBox ScoreW 5-2Regina High School
06/06/19 7:30PMAnamosaBox ScoreW 10-2Anamosa Middle School
06/08/19 3:00PMIowa City, City HighBox ScoreL 6-5Unknown
06/10/19 Mid-Prairie, WellmanBox ScoreL 11-10Regina High School
06/10/19 5:30PMMid-Prairie, WellmanBox ScoreW 11-2Regina High School
06/11/19 5:00PMClear Creek-AmanaBox ScoreL 11-3Clear Creek Amana High School
06/12/19 Iowa City, LibertyGame PreviewRegina High School
06/13/19 7:30PMMonticelloBox ScoreL 8-7Monticello High School
06/15/19 8:00AMTreynorBox ScoreW 13-9Treynor High School
06/15/19 8:30AMHintonBox ScoreW 8-5Treynor High School
06/17/19 DurantBox ScoreL 10-8Durant High School
06/17/19 5:30PMDurantBox ScoreL 7-0Durant High School
06/19/19 SolonGame PreviewRegina High School
06/20/19 7:30PMNortheastBox ScoreW 19-1Northeast Middle-High School
06/21/19 7:00PMBurlington Notre DameBox ScoreL 11-5Regina High School
06/24/19 7:30PMCascade, Western DubBox ScoreL 2-1Cascade Junior-Senior High School
06/25/19 Iowa City, LibertyBox ScoreL 14-3Regina High School
06/27/19 West BranchGame PreviewRegina High School
06/27/19 5:30PMWest BranchBox ScoreL 9-2Regina High School
07/02/19 West LibertyBox ScoreW 8-7West Liberty High School
07/02/19 5:30PMWest LibertyGame PreviewWest Liberty High School
07/03/19 CamancheBox ScoreL 12-6Regina High School
07/04/19 Iowa City WestBox ScoreL 13-2Regina High School
07/08/19 Mount VernonBox ScoreL 8-0Mount Vernon High School
07/09/19 St. AlbertGame PreviewRegina High School
07/09/19 7:30PMBellevueBox ScoreW 9-8Regina High School
07/10/19 Xavier, CRBox ScoreL 11-0Xavier High School
07/11/19 West BranchBox ScoreL 12-0Regina High School
07/13/19 7:00PMTiptonBox ScoreW 12-7Tipton High School
07/16/19 5:00PMWest BranchBox ScoreL 14-7Mid-Prairie High School
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Prescott Arendt11Senior
Chase Becker1Sophomore
Jack Brandt2Sophomore
Adam Connell24Sophomore
Danny Gavin448th
Paul Keller9Senior
Cameron Lehman8Freshman
Declan McCoy20Sophomore
Alex Meister27Junior
Masen Miller25Junior
Jackson Mills29Sophomore
Danny Molony18Sophomore
Joey Molony3Senior
Lucas Moore19Sophomore
Sean Nugent21Sophomore
Levi Quinlan14Sophomore
Kyle Schooley23Sophomore
Caden Smith22Senior
Jack Tierney48th
Noah KronFreshman
Henry Bottorff8th
Christian MillsFreshman
Xander RogersFreshman
Andrew TriplettFreshman
Ethan VonHarzFreshman

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/23/192522000241@ Solon
05/24/191600000014vs Davenport Assumpt
05/30/192542100251@ Tipton
05/30/192770000012@ Tipton
06/01/192775100364@ Benton
06/03/191321100102vs Wilton
06/03/192555101196vs Wilton
06/04/192585110581vs North Cedar
06/06/1928910110765@ Anamosa
06/08/192255110444@ Iowa City, City Hi
06/10/192814113008145vs Mid-Prairie, Well
06/10/192911100001048vs Mid-Prairie, Well
06/11/192663100125@ Clear Creek-Amana
06/13/192897000596@ Monticello
06/15/19288132301137@ Treynor
06/15/192788030453vs Hinton
06/17/19267800061010@ Durant
06/17/192778000577@ Durant
06/20/1929141950016514@ Northeast
06/21/192775200475vs Burlington Notre
06/24/192551000112@ Cascade, Western D
06/25/192973400302vs Iowa City, Libert
06/27/192672200215vs West Branch
07/02/1930128500464@ West Liberty
07/03/192976100312vs Camanche
07/04/192182100201vs Iowa City West
07/08/192440200001@ Mount Vernon
07/09/192579201948vs Bellevue
07/10/191720000020@ Xavier, CR
07/11/191520000001vs West Branch
07/13/193314121301026@ Tipton
07/16/192557200709vs West Branch

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