Belle Plaine Softball

Class: 1A
Conference: South Iowa Cedar League
Overall Record: 24-9
Winning Streak:
Overall Win %: 72.73%
Conference Record: 13-4
Conference Win %: 76.47%
District Record: 21-5
District Win %: 80.77%

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Game DateOpponentResultLocation
05/20/19 KeotaBox ScoreW 13-3Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
05/22/19 5:00PMIowa ValleyBox ScoreW 11-1Iowa Valley Jr-Sr High School
05/27/19 BCLUWBox ScoreL 5-2BCLUW Softball Field
05/27/19 2:15PMBallardBox ScoreL 10-1BCLUW High School
05/30/19 GMG, GarwinBox ScoreW 12-0Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
05/31/19 SigourneyBox ScoreL 7-6Savage Softball Field
06/01/19 Vinton-ShellsburgBox ScoreL 6-3Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
06/01/19 SpringvilleBox ScoreW 5-4Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
06/03/19 6:00PMLynnville-SullyBox ScoreL 5-3Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
06/04/19 6:00PMEnglish ValleysBox ScoreW 6-2Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
06/05/19 6:00PMMontezumaBox ScoreW 18-2Montezuma High School
06/07/19 6:00PMNorth MahaskaBox ScoreL 6-1Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
06/08/19 DunkertonBox ScoreW 12-0Hudson Football Field
06/08/19 6:00PMEnglish ValleysBox ScoreW 12-0Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
06/10/19 6:00PMHLVBox ScoreW 8-7Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
06/11/19 Central CityBox ScoreW 6-5Central City High School
06/12/19 6:00PMBGM, BrooklynBox ScoreW 6-1Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
06/13/19 6:00PMTri-CountyBox ScoreW 17-1Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
06/14/19 6:00PMColfax-MingoBox ScoreL 1-0Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
06/17/19 KeotaBox ScoreW 15-0Keota High School
06/18/19 JesupBox ScoreW 7-3Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
06/19/19 Iowa ValleyBox ScoreW 14-4Iowa Valley Jr-Sr High School
06/21/19 6:00PMTri-CountyBox ScoreW 10-0Tri-County High School
06/22/19 AlbiaGame PreviewPella Christian Eagles
06/22/19 12:00PMKnoxvilleGame PreviewPella Sports Park
06/24/19 5:00PMEnglish ValleysBox ScoreW 15-0English Valleys Jr-Sr High School
06/26/19 6:00PMSigourneyBox ScoreW 12-7Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
06/28/19 6:00PMTripoliBox ScoreW 12-0Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
07/01/19 Twin CedarsBox ScoreW 6-3Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
07/01/19 West MarshallBox ScoreW 5-4Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
07/01/19 West MarshallGame PreviewBelle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
07/02/19 Lone TreeGame PreviewBelle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
07/05/19 HudsonBox ScoreW 8-1Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
07/05/19 Iowa City LibertyBox ScoreL 8-0Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
07/10/19 7:00PMCalamus-WheatlandBox ScoreW 8-5Belle Plaine Jr/Sr High School
07/12/19 7:00PMCentral CityBox ScoreW 4-2Belle Plaine Country Club
07/15/19 7:00PMLisbonBox ScoreL 1-0Lisbon City Park
Game DateOpponentResultLocation


Lillian Fowler/Phillippe8th
Olivia Bohlen3Freshman
Tori Hlas15Junior
Katie Cubbage29Senior
Lilly Parrott16Junior
Breanna Cook8Freshman
Kieran Holmberg32Sophomore
Kiley Alcott1Freshman
Alivia Haack21Freshman
Kendra Alcott10Senior
Jenna Fry30Freshman
Ashton Bohlen6Senior
Macy Hlas17Freshman
Shaylee Dodd4Senior
Brenda Steinford11Junior
Emma Drahos22Freshman
Alyssa Tegeler24Freshman

Game Team Stats

Game DateABHitsRunsDoublesTripleHRRBISBBBGameTeams
05/20/1921813110969vs Keota
05/22/192710110201052@ Iowa Valley
05/27/192762100102@ BCLUW
05/27/192241100101@ Ballard
05/30/19146121107512vs GMG, Garwin
05/31/192996100552@ Sigourney
06/01/192445000302@ Springville
06/01/192853000333vs Vinton-Shellsburg
06/03/192983100321vs Lynnville-Sully
06/04/192686102644vs English Valleys
06/05/193720185101855@ Montezuma
06/07/192771200100vs North Mahaska
06/08/19231212300601vs English Valleys
06/08/192011122001003@ Dunkerton
06/10/1933128320662vs HLV
06/11/1933106300612@ Central City
06/12/192666101531vs BGM, Brooklyn
06/13/19221217100931vs Tri-County
06/14/192750100000vs Colfax-Mingo
06/17/1923121530014115@ Keota
06/18/1928107200742vs Jesup
06/19/193714140201484@ Iowa Valley
06/21/192412102001052@ Tri-County
06/24/193418152111460@ English Valleys
06/26/193111121101254@ Sigourney
06/28/19241512501975vs Tripoli
07/01/1933145100500@ West Marshall
07/01/192986110613vs Twin Cedars
07/05/192030100004vs Iowa City Liberty
07/05/1929148010411vs Hudson
07/10/192488200614vs Calamus-Wheatland
07/12/192244100405vs Central City
07/15/194430000000@ Lisbon

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